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PDI Cliams To Eliminate Replenishment Chemistries

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RACINE, WIS., (October 7, 2004) – Users of Printing Developments, Inc.’s Delta 830 CTP plate have one less thing to think about… and pay for.  PDI’s flagship polymer plate product eliminates the need for replenishment and anti-oxidation chemistries between developer changes.   “We continually refine our printing products to help printers simplify and reduce the cost of printing,” says Tom Bevan, PDI Director, Sales and Marketing.  “Small and medium-sized sheetfed printers in particular stand to benefit from eliminating these chemistries.” Different system Plate processing equipment can stand idle for periods of time for those sheetfed printers who don’t continually push plates through their presses.  The aqueous-based chemistry used by most other commonly available plates is constantly under attack from the environment, requiring replenisher and anti-oxidation additives to keep their optimum strength.  The Delta polymer system is solvent-based, making it longer lasting than aqueous-based systems.  With a vapor pressure that is extremely low, there is virtually no loss through evaporation or weakening through interaction with air.  So, the developer never needs to be replenished.    Potential savings Saving on developer replenishment can reduce overall chemistry costs.  In applications where plate consumption is sporadic, chemistry costs can be reduced by a factor of 3, and in some stochastic applications, by a factor of 10 or more.  For example: a printer using 100,000 square feet of plates annually could save up to $10,000 in developer chemistry per year by using the Delta plate. The Delta plate line includes the Delta 830 CTP plate, Delta 830 Laminated, with a coated backing for highly abusive presses, and Delta CV, a conventionally imaged negative plate.  All Delta products offer a high-quality print solution applicable across many offset market segments, including packaging, publication and catalog, and commercial.  Its highly durable proprietary polymer and specially treated aluminum surface gives vast printing latitude -- up to one million impressions -- no matter the printing segment.   PDI is a manufacturer and international supplier of CTP and conventional bimetal and polymer printing plates for sheet-fed and web printers.  PDI also produces laminated bimetal plates, the industry’s only stainless steel CTP plate, and a proprietary line of more than 50 chemistry products, including fountain solutions, finishers and cleaners.  Find more at http://www.pdiplates.com For more information on PDI’s plate technology, contact: Tom Bevan, Director, Sales and Marketing, Printing Developments, Inc., 2010 Indiana Street, Racine, WI  53405.  Phone: (800) 558-9425.