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Carey DAM/IT to Distribute YaWah eRez Imaging Server and ImageExpress software

Press release from the issuing company

January 6, 2004 -- Carey DAM/IT, a Canto Certified System Integrator (CCSI), announced they have partnered with YaWah to become a North American reseller and distributor of YaWah's eRez Imaging Server and ImageExpress software solutions, http://www.yawah.com. With the eRez Imaging Server 2.5 you can share, organize, and create dynamic images for any use - from a browser - anywhere - anytime. Enable users on the Internet to zoom in and examine image details. Manually preparing and distributing images for different media, such as the Internet, presentations, and professional printing is a time consuming, error prone, and expensive task. With the eRez Imaging Server you only need to create and maintain a single version of each image. The eRez Imaging Server fully automates the image rendering and distribution. An endless number of variations are automatically derived from a single master image as needed. The concept is known as "Single Source Dynamic Imaging". The eRez Imaging Server 2.5 can be used both as a cost-effective standalone "picture bank" and as an integrated part of a general-purpose digital asset management, or Web-enabled content management system. With eRez colleagues, partners, or the press can quickly retrieve the right image. A demonstration of the product is available at http://www.dambigidea.com. ImageExpress is used in conjunction with the Cumulus Web Publisher or Cumulus Internet Client, which allow users to publish catalogs of digital assets to the Web. Once an asset has been located using Cumulus, ImageExpress lets the user change the size of the thumbnail being viewed,adjust image quality, zoom in (or out) to examine image details, or download the image in a wide variety of resolutions and file formats, including JPEG, PDF and EPS files for use in presentations, the web, desktop or professional printing. A demonstration of the product is available at http://www.dambigidea.com. YaWah ImageExpress for Cumulus is a server-based application that eliminates the traditional need to create and manage one or more variations of an image for each device or media on which the image is to be used. Users simply store a single master image on the server which then automatically creates variations of the image for any device or context - on demand. This saves both time and money in production while also making it possible to use "live" images on web pages. "Live" images enhance the end user experience by allowing users to freely zoom into and resize images as needed without having to first download and use a separate image editing package. The application is extremely bandwidth efficient--even several hundred Megabytes files can be quickly examined in detail through a regular dial-up connection-and requires no additional plugins.