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Vio's Virtual Community Network Makes MPLS Technology Affordable

Press release from the issuing company

December 10, 2003--Roseland, NJ-- Vio Inc., one of the world's leading suppliers of collaborative digital supply chain software and networking services for the graphic arts industry, announces that its Virtual Community Network (VCN) operates with the newest technology, Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS), enabling Vio to offer the most affordable network management solution to multi-site organizations. With Vio VCN and MPLS technology--adopted by several network customers since 2002--businesses can centralize services such as Digital Asset Management, email servers, production management, voice, data and video conferencing over a single network to reduce costs, maximize usage and improve service. First to market, Vio is leading the way for the graphic arts industry to maximize this proven technology and, in turn, improve the bottom line. Major telecom carriers--such as MCI, BellSouth and AT&T--have been the primary adopters of the MPLS technology. With Vio's network knowledge and expertise, the company provides MPLS support at attractive prices to end users in the graphic arts industry. Vio VCN features an AToM (Any Transport over MPLS) backbone, which provides Vio customers with a single core to transport multiple services over a single network. "MPLS is the technology of choice for tomorrow's global infrastructure. It combines the advantages of switched protocols with the advantages of routed protocols," states David Jones, CTO of Vio Worldwide. "The benefit is that Vio VCN is able to create multiple logical networks over a single physical network. Previously, a customer would require separate lines from multiple providers for services such as Internet access, the movement of production data, and voice data. With Vio VCN and MPLS, these disparate services are now aggregated into a single, physical network with intelligent distribution. With Vio's advanced research and development and network knowledge, customers benefit from a cutting-edge application with levels of open functionality unlike any other offering." One of the largest customers to implement Vio's MPLS-enabled VCN is the Wyndeham Press Group, the UK's third-largest commercial print group. Vio VCN connects the Group headquarters and nine group companies, giving them a single network to handle graphic arts production traffic, email, Internet access, and the company intranet. The VCN, together with the Vio Digital Workflow Suite, handles all incoming production data via the Internet, ISDN, FTP, Wam!Net and Vio itself. VCN allows Wyndeham to achieve three goals: reduction of the high cost and administrative burden associated with maintaining group-wide networks; consolidation of telecom arrangements with one solution provider; and protection of the entire group within a private network with a centralized security policy.