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R. S. Fisch & Robert L. Leslie Graphic Arts Collection Donated to GATF Library

Press release from the issuing company

Pittsburgh, Pa., November 26, 2003 — Richard Fisch has donated his extensive graphic arts library and that of his uncle, Robert L. Leslie, to the GATF Library. The collection includes books and journals on photography and photographic processes. The two hundred plus books in the collection were published from 1855 to 1999 and include several very rare editions. Notable books are Photographic Chemistry by Hardwich published in 1864 and Photographic Mosaics by Lea and Wilson published in 1866. The photographic journals and technical annuals include the American Annual of Photography, Photographic Engineering, and the British Annual of Photography. In addition the collection includes over four hundred journals and magazines. Retired from Imation, Fisch was employed for thirty-five years as corporate scientist in the Printing and Publishing Systems Division of 3M Company. Dick Fisch was inducted into the Carlton Society in 1966 for his contributions to 3M’s innovative technologies and graphic-related processes, as exemplified by, but not limited to: subbing substrates to hold photographic emulsions to polyester films, regenerable iron-based developers for silver-halide-based products, non-polluting silver halide non-noble metal graphic arts imaging material and their chemistry, electrophoretic means to regenerate spent silver halide fixer, and the first issued patents for simultaneous vapor deposition of metal layers, organic separation layers, and colorants for laser-imagable, graphic arts halftone proofing materials. As a member of the Carlton Society, he joins others whose works are recognizable to graphic arts product users including, but not limited to, R. Drew, C. Jewett, A. Fry, and S. Silver. He is the recipient of numerous awards including the GATF Robert Reed Technology Medal, an Honors Member of the Technical Association of the Graphic Arts (TAGA), Fellow of the Society of Imaging Science (SPSE), and a Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society and the Institute of Printing. An author of many definitive works, Fisch has written over thirty-five papers, reports and articles on the various aspects of imaging science including five papers for SPSE and fourteen for TAGA. Fisch holds thirty-seven U.S. Patents (3M assigned) on color photography, photo resist imaging, non-silver imaging, color proofing, silver recovery, and substrate addendum. Fisch has served on many American National Standards Institute (ANSI) committees, is co-founder and past chair of the Committee for Graphic Arts Technologies Standards (CGATS), and has served on the ANSI Image Technology Standards Board (ITSB). He received the American Standards Leadership Award for his work in establishing the U.S. Standards Organization (ANSI/CGATS), and the resurrection of ISO Technical Committee 130, Graphic Technology Standards group. He also participates in their photographic sister groups. Robert Lincoln Leslie, born December 18, 1885, was Fisch’s uncle and mentor. During his high school years he worked as a printer’s devil at night. After graduation, he received a scholarship to Johns Hopkins medical school and received his MD in 1912. After practicing medicine for a period of time he closed his practice and joined McGraw Hill. After joining McGraw Hill, he met Sol Cantor, with whom he formed a partnership and created Enmore Linotype Company, and later The Composing Room, Inc. Leslie co-edited PM Magazine, a journal published from 1934 to 1942, ceasing publication when the U.S. entered World War II. The magazine featured articles on the printing process, typesetting, and other production specific topics. The R. S. Fisch–Robert L. Leslie Graphic Arts Collection will be cataloged and submitted to the Online Computer Library Center (OCLC) so researchers worldwide will know what is in the collection. Once cataloged GATFPress will publish a book listing the entire collection and complete biography of Richard Fisch. The GATF Library is currently seeking grant money for the cataloging of the collection. Please contact Dee Gentile for further information regarding providing grant money.