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Williamson Printing Uses Latran Prediction to Proof Advanced Screening Technologies

Press release from the issuing company

DALLAS, TX, July 8, 2004 — "Our customers expect it of us," says Joe Novak, Director of Technology for Williamson Printing, a leading Dallas-based printer of ultra-high quality products. "We offer them their choice of screening technology for their jobs – our proprietary U3 screening, stochastic screening, or our new HighLine screening. With Latran's Prediction digital halftone proofing system's 10 micron dot capability, we can accurately and easily reproduce them all and show them exactly what they will get on press." The Williamson commitment to quality printing has won it coveted showroom brochure printing assignments year after year from major car manufacturers, including GM, Ford, Toyota, Lexus and Audi. The award-winning company also is the printer of choice for other high quality products such as annual reports, catalogs and brochures of leading corporations across the country. Williamson produces its outstanding results with a press array that includes nine sheetfed and four web presses. Among them, a Heidelberg 12-color perfector, an 11-color perfector and several 8-color presses. "Typically, over 90 percent of our work is six colors or more," Novak says. "And the work is of the extremely high quality required particularly for the reproduction of car showroom brochures with their vividly sharp product photography." "We use Prediction's Pantone silver and gold metallic ink sheets extensively to proof those jobs," he adds. "And with our Esko-Graphics front end, we can build virtually any other special color you can imagine, and output it with complete confidence on our Prediction systems." Novak points out that customers have commented that Prediction proofs are extraordinarily accurate and reflect the proper dot shape that they have selected. Many of Williamson's customers insist on seeing the actual dots. "Our 256 lpi U3 screening is a different dot shape than our stochastic screening," he explains, "and it's certainly different from the new Esko-Graphics HighLine screening we've recently added. It combines the best of both AM and FM screening with detail printing better than the smallest FM dot. And our Prediction systems easily handle all of them down to 1 percent." Williamson's complement of Latran proofing systems includes three Prediction 2230 (four-up) units and one Prediction 2000 (two-up). All were installed when Williamson switched to an all-digital workflow. Novak notes that Williamson's Prediction systems deliver results that are remarkably reliable and consistent. "Output quality doesn't vary from one Prediction unit to the other," he observes. "The results are so consistent that we could proof part of a job on one Prediction unit and the rest of the job on another unit, and you would not see any difference in the proof results from one unit to the other." Novak says that Prediction stands up to the heavy use that Williamson gives them. "We use them and abuse them virtually 24 hours a day, seven days a week." he says. "Our operators really like working with them. And because they're so simple to use, hardly any training is necessary to get top results. And our pressmen like the proofs because it's easy to match them quickly on press." "My job here at Williamson is to see what technology is on the horizon, and where the industry will be five years from now," Novak says. "When Jesse Williamson and I first saw the Prediction system at a trade show over in England years ago, we knew immediately that the Prediction technology was far ahead of every other proofing system we had seen. And it still is."