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QuadTech announces new MultiCam register technology for newspaper presses

Press release from the issuing company

QuadTech announces new ‘color-to-color’ and ‘ribbon” register technology for newspaper applications. Launched at drupa 2004 and on show for the first time in America, is the new QuadTech Register Guidance System with MultiCam and QuadTech Ribbon Control System with MultiCam . Both systems provide the most advanced register control available today, at a price-point that makes them universally affordable. Jim Wodicka, QuadTech Product Manager, comments, “The combination of the new features of the MultiCam , the benefits it can bring to a user and its competitive price has generated a lot of interest since its launch. drupa 2004 provided a excellent platform from which to showcase this product to Europe and we anticipate Nexpo 2004 will have the same effect on the American market and more specifically the newspaper industry. “For a newspaper printer the importance of cut-off control is more significant than ever before. The MultiCam can cater to this need as well as delivering the added benefit of a very small mark pattern. Furthermore, the camera size is smaller than ever before, making it easier to install on the ribbon section of the press, which has been a problem for newspaper printers and manufacturers in the past.” QuadTech’s focus on modular product offerings via its new Multicam technology will enable newspaper printers to meet increasingly high color expectations from customers’ needs and provide the ability to diversify into other markets. With this in mind the Ribbon Control System with MultiCam and Register Guidance System with MultiCam have been developed for maximum flexibility, upgradeability and greater operational efficiencies. Using an innovative, ultra-fast camera, they both collect register information from printed, micro-sized register marks, and communicate error, status and configuration information to optimize register and press performance. “The rationale behind these product developments is undeniable,” continues Jim. “The newspaper industry is changing rapidly, becoming ever more concerned with quality requirements in the worldwide scramble for a share of advertising spend. “Full color on every page is the driving force in newspapers today, making color-to-color and cut-off register control essential. The Ribbon Control System with MultiCam and Register Guidance System with MultiCam are perfectly positioned to handle whatever future trends may require, ensuring our customers have the upper hand in any scenario.” Since its acquisition of PressTech Controls, QuadTech has presided over twin technologies for color-to-color and ribbon register control – namely, PressTech’s System Autotron and QuadTech’s RGS series. QuadTech MultiCam products result from the fusion of these twin technologies, bringing together the strengths of each system for improved performance and broader compatibility at a lower cost per unit. “MultiCam -based products are essentially the best of both worlds,” concludes Jim. “With a loyal and extremely satisfied existing installed base of Autotron and RGS systems, we approached this product development determined to meet our customers’ individual requirements now and in the future. With MultiCam we’ve gone one step better – we’ve captured the best of the incumbent technology, while making it even more affordable through the use of shared components.” Benefiting from QuadTech’s standard ICON platform, MultiCam -based products also offer equipment longevity through an easy growth path into the future. Compatible with any OEM press control system, ICON also allows multiple QuadTech products to integrate seamlessly, controlled from a single touch-screen operator console. The two MultiCam -based products can be purchased separately or integrated together to provide total control of web register from reelstand to folder. To ensure ongoing compatibility with other pressroom equipment, new systems are capable of reading the registration marks of existing Autotron and RGS systems.