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Scan Communications Applauds Group Logic's MassTransit

Press release from the issuing company

July 8, 2003 (Arlington, VA) - Group Logic, developer of best-selling network workflow software products, received accolades today from Scan Communications Group for the simplicity of its MassTransit product.  The product is designed to improve the speed of transferring digital files and automate workflow processes. A full-service firm providing one source for creative, pre-press, web and print services, Scan Communications Group has seen the positive impact first-hand. "It is just tremendous," states Kathy Reading, the firm's Creative Director. "We looked at a number of competing products and in our belief MassTransit was superior to the others - easy to use, intuitive and simple with its drag and drop feature." MassTransit is the leading software product for mission-critical transfer of graphic arts files across high-speed wide area networks including the Internet.  Its added workflow and proofing features permit advanced levels of management that are unavailable in any other solution, including programmable e-mail notification of file arrivals and other key events; detailed, easily exportable logging and tracking of transmission data; and bandwidth usage prioritization capabilities.  The product is used by 10 of the top 15 printing companies in North America, as well as major publishers and Fortune 500 print purchasing and creative organizations. Prior to installing MassTransit, Scan Communications Group used FTP and other manual processes to transfer large digital files.  "With MassTransit, the first obvious advantage is that you don't have to create a self-extracting file," notes Reading. "People are not afraid to use it.  In the creative field, we are used to using drag and drop in comparison to logging onto an FTP site," says Reading. "It has also replaced transfers that had to be written to CD and then shipped."   Scan Communications Group also values MassTransit's built-in tracking and management features that enable them to deliver enhanced service to their clients. "We use the email notification feature quite a bit and can set it differently for different clients," states Reading. "It's also nice because we run three shifts. So on second and third shift when an account representative may not be logged in, we have people who keep an eye on the system and can see when files come over or verify that important files have gone out." Server-based software, MassTransit installs at a corporate location(s) and can be shared with customers, vendors, and other remote trading partners. Its universal design supports every file transmission workflow - server to server, Web to server, and server to Web - and eliminates delivery or usage fees typically associated with similar solutions. "There's a savings for both our clients and us," says Mike Otto, Scan Communications' Digital Systems Manager. "The clients we've set up on MassTransit have seen their workflows greatly improved. It's much more intuitive now than what they used to use," states Otto. "We are able to transfer more files, more quickly and more often."