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Oce announces new high-performance cutsheet printer

Press release from the issuing company

Venlo, 21 May 2003— Oce today announces the Océ VarioPrint 3090. This production cutsheet printer produces up to 85 images per minute and is designed for use in transaction printing and other business-critical document environments. The system will be demonstrated at the Océ OpenHouse 2003 in Poing, Germany, from May 20 to 24 with the commercial rollout starting in autumn 2003. A printer that evolves with output requirements Saskia Willems, International Product Manager for the Océ VarioPrint 3090, says the system allows companies to respond to the various document requirements they face in producing mission-critical documents. "The ability to handle multiplatform environments and datastreams, short print windows, personalisation and distribution of print volumes are challenges that can turn into business advantages when handled well", says Willems. "The Océ VarioPrint 3090 lets an organisation produce these business-critical documents wherever they're needed. With the required productivity, reliability, flexibility and print quality". A powerhouse in production environments The Océ VarioPrint 3090 is intended for production environments that print between 150,000 and 500,000 images per month. The system prints 85 images per minute, simplex and duplex, and facilitates long unattended document runs with such features as: Front-loading and load-while-run paper trays Independent linkage of input trays Air-separated paper feed Optional online finishing Efficient management of datastreams in transaction environments The system is especially designed to handle the multiple datastreams found in transaction print environments. "We know our customers often produce documents from a number of different sources", says Willems, "UNIX servers, mainframes, SAP®, or a mixture of sources. Such mixed datastreams are very common when companies generate bills, statements, policies, personalised one-to-one documents and the like. The Océ VarioPrint 3090 prints well from all these sources. The smart front servers efficiently process datastreams from a company's host systems or network. And the powerful controller ensures high performance and productive printing". The foundation for a complete print solution The Océ VarioPrint 3090 can form the basis for a more extended print solution. The system is designed to work with Océ PRISMA® software modules. These give companies a single point of production control and can be used to manage multiple Océ and non-Océ systems, for example by providing load balancing, oversight of all print activities and resource management. Companies can also add online or offline finishing units. "We consider the Océ VarioPrint 3090 as one of the elements of a company's transaction document toolbox", says Willems. "Océ specialises in helping companies squeeze the most out of their investment. The Océ VarioPrint 3090—with its extendibility and built-in efficiency features such as fast toner refill, automatic jam recovery, easy system configuration and high uptime—is a good example of this".   Part of the Océ Vario product line The Océ VarioPrint 3090 is an extension of the Océ Variable Input and Output (Vario) product line, which includes both VarioPrint and VarioStream systems. Océ designed the Vario line to produce documents more effectively in today's variable world, with its omnipresent networks and mixed data sources. The robust Vario systems help people get information on and off the information superhighway, both by accepting data from a variety of sources (variable input), and by putting this information onto paper or scanning it to file (variable output).