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Creo Launches Prinergy 2.2 As OEM with Heidelberg Ends

Press release from the issuing company

VANCOUVER, British Columbia--May 21, 2003-- Creo Inc. announces new trapping and color management technologies for the Prinergy workflow management system and the release of Prinergy version 2.2. These developments significantly enhance the quality, usability and automation of the Prinergy workflow, as well as support the Networked Graphic Production(TM) initiative. Creo and Networked Graphic Production partners develop solutions that streamline the production process by enabling a collaborative, integrated and optimized print-production environment. "The new Creo trapping and color management technologies, coupled with the breadth of new features and functionality in Prinergy 2.2, illustrate Creo's ongoing commitment to Prinergy, the market-leading PDF workflow management system," explains Stefan Steinle, Creo product manager. "This milestone marks the replacement of software components, previously supplied by Heidelberg, with technology that Creo has developed." The OEM agreement with former joint venture partner Heidelberg, for the sale of Prinergy and the supply of software components, expired May 18, 2003. Creo is now the sole supplier of the Prinergy workflow. "Creo is leading the industry with Prinergy, our integrated workflow solution that uses JDF to create a completely integrated production process," continues Stefan Steinle. "Prinergy will remain a key component of Networked Graphic Production." Prinergy workflow provides more functional, integrated support of JDF (Job Definition Format) than any other workflow, allowing the exchange of production data and processing instructions between different systems, enabling an automated data flow across the entire production process. The Power of Integration The Creo Prinergy workflow management system is seamlessly integrated with other workflow tools such as the powerful Synapse products that allow users to automate different steps of the print process. Synapse Prepare software, the leading PDF-creation and preflight tool from Creo, features the new Creo Page Assigner application. It allows creative designers, publishers and printers to create JDF files that specify the page run-list information, which Prinergy uses to help automate imposition. The Synapse InSite Internet portal allows print buyers to submit jobs remotely into prepress, proof them, collaborate, and then track all their activities and progress online, across different locations at any time, using a standard web browser. Synapse InSite and Prinergy together create a powerful online proofing and collaboration solution that features unparalleled workflow integration and functionality, resulting in accelerated job cycles times, reduced job costs, and greater productivity. Another Synapse tool, the JDF-based Synapse Link software, helps Prinergy workflow systems automatically exchange prepress production data and job-status information with post-press workflow systems and management information systems. This allows printers to access and utilize their business intelligence to increase efficiencies and profitability. Prinergy also integrates seamlessly with Preps imposition software and UpFront production planning software. This connection enables JDF data to flow from production planning to imposition and directly into the workflow system-saving time and money. New Prinergy Features The new Creo PDF Trapper features enhanced functionality and ease-of-use. It also retains existing features: automated and manual, press-ready PDF-to-PDF vector trapping, and interactive editing. The new Creo-developed trapping is receiving rave reviews from Creo customers for its speed and ability to improve quality output. "The new Creo Trapper does an excellent job," explains Mick Adams, project supervisor, Mulligan Printing, Inc. of St. Louis, MO. "The performance is outstanding-our files fly through production." The new Creo Color Management enables complete ICC-based color management for platemaking and proofing through the Prinergy workflow. "It meets or exceeds the color quality experienced in the past-and it's faster," says Mick Adams. "We're very happy with this technology." The Creo Color Management improves handling of Hexachrome and other N Color profiles, and also serves as the foundation for the new Spotless(TM) workflow from Creo. Spotless printing simulates spot-color inks with Staccato-screened, process-color builds, giving spot-color performance on a process-color budget. Automation within the Prinergy workflow is enhanced by the rich set of new features in version 2.2. Advanced Production Automation (APA) features a complete new workshop integrated editor that provides a user-friendly graphical interface to facilitate APA file creation. The Auto Re-Combiner option provides the ability to recombine separated input files to allow color management and trapping. The new assignment mode in Prinergy, called 'Center Page', allows users to center a page in the imposition window and eliminates the need for manual calculations to offset page shifts. Quality and control in the press room is enhanced by the other new features of Prinergy 2.2, including non-linear web growth and ink coverage reports. Access to screening information history means that details, such as screen system, dot shape and screen ruling, are recorded for future reference. New variable marks can be created so that production details, such as which operator performed the output, and which device, calibration and ICC profile was used, can be applied to a plate for easy reference. All new Prinergy systems shipping today include the new Creo Trapper and Color Management technologies. Prinergy 2.2 will be unveiled to members of the Creo Users Association, meeting in Florida, May 28-31. All Prinergy workflow users with full Creo support contracts will receive the software upgrades for all the new features of Prinergy version 2.2, including the new Creo PDF Trapper and Color Management, later this year. Prinergy users interested in obtaining a support contract or updating an existing contract-regardless of their original vendor-can contact their local Creo service or support representative, or visit www.creo.com/contact_us. With more than 15,000 installations of Creo workflow systems, Creo provides 24/7 support with the industry's largest support organization. The Prinergy workflow management system serves the widest spectrum of production needs from short-run, high speed operations, to globally distributed, high-volume production. Based on state-of-the-art technology and open industry standards such as PDF and JDF, Prinergy is an elegant workflow management solution that organizes prepress, plate and film production and delivers the essential business advantages of speed, efficiency, and improved collaboration across the production team. For more information, visit www.creo.com/prinergy.