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Oce Extends Capabilities of Industry-Leading TDS800 Print System

Press release from the issuing company

CHICAGO, April 30, 2003 – Oce, a leading supplier of digital document management and delivery technology, today announced the availability of Version 1.3.3 software for the Océ TDS800 Power Logic controller – a Web-enabled controller software for the Océ TDS800 wide-format multifunction copy, scan and print systems. The new software provides unique workflow advantages to Océ TDS800 users not available from any competitive technology. It enhances the patented Océ Matrix Logic technology, which makes it possible to execute multiple print jobs with different output settings from one set of scanned documents. This technology eliminates the necessity to rescan the document set for each print job configuration. In addition, first print-out time has been substantially improved with the new “Print While Spool” capability. The software upgrade continues to maximize the productivity of the powerful Océ TDS800 print engine by effectively managing multiple reprographic workflow processes concurrently – such as printing different output configurations from a single document set, scanning to file or the Web, scanning for future printing, receiving new print jobs, or adding toner, etc. - all at the same time and without having to pause for completion of a different task. The end benefit to these new “multi-tasking” enhancements is greater productivity and the ability to utilize the full potential of the Océ TDS800, allowing reprographers to future-proof the value of their investment. “With all the functionality of Version 1.3.3, we once again show that Océ is focused on the reprographics market like no one else, and this upgrade continues that commitment,” said Joyce Virnich, vice president of marketing for the Wide Format Printing Systems business unit of Océ-USA, Inc. “We believe that reprographers should not have to continually invest in new equipment as technology changes. Through such software upgrades, they can cost-effectively access leading edge capabilities that will increase their productivity and keep them competitive in their market.” Océ Matrix Logic Technology Enhancements Facilitate Multiple Outputs Océ Matrix Logic technology is a patented printing application which allows reprographers to easily create multiple print jobs with different output settings from only one set of scanned originals – without having to rescan the document set each time. An operator can compose a matrix job on the controller by pre-defining up to fifty print job configurations for one set of up to 100 scanned originals. Configuration variables include type of media, size of media, full or reduced size image, layout alignment, and finishing options. For example, from one input set of originals Recipient A could receive three sets of full-size prints; Recipient B could receive two sets of full-size prints on paper, one set on vellum, and one set reduced to ½ size; and Recipient C could receive four sets of folded prints. Version 1.3.3 now allows for matrix job submission in the background. The operator can prepare the next matrix job while the previous job is printing in the background. In addition, all matrix jobs now are automatically saved in a Historic Queue. This separate queue is just for Océ Matrix Logic jobs allowing the operator to select and reprint from this Historic Queue directly. “Print While Spool” Improves Time to First Print Version 1.3.3 now allows the Océ Power Logic controller to start printing a job as soon as the first file of that job has been received from the Océ Repro Desk Server. Previously the entire job had to arrive at the controller before printing would begin. This change not only decreases the time it takes for a job to start printing but also the total job run time from when “Print” is initiated in Océ Repro Desk. First print-out time and total job run time is now noticeably faster than previous Océ TDS800/Repro Desk Server configurations as well as other Océ 9800/Repro Desk configurations. Additional Enhancements Improve Accountability An additional new feature of Version 1.3.3 upgrade for the Océ TDS800 Power Logic controller is easier identification of individual scans. The enhanced Scan Manager portion of Océ Scan Logic software allows for the assignment of a specific filename to each individual scan right at the controller versus later at the desktop. Another key software enhancement improves the ability to track costs per job by automatically prompting users to input a job or user number prior to printing. The new feature – Account Locking for Océ Print Exec LT 1.3 for Windows and the Web – makes it mandatory to enter a job or user ID when creating an Océ Print Exec LT job ticket. By working in conjunction with Océ Account Logging, users are able to keep more accurate records of their print costs per account. Product Availability The new software, which will be offered included on all new Océ TDS800 shipments, is also included as an upgrade to existing Océ TDS800 customers with Océ-USA full service maintenance agreements. It is available immediately and can be installed by Océ service technicians when they visit an Océ TDS800 system site.