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CAP Ventures: Software Development & SDKs the Cornerstone to Innovation in Document Solutions

Press release from the issuing company

(Norwell,MA) April 30, 2003 -- In a new report by CAP Ventures, analysts identify software development programs that feature robust, open software development kits as the cornerstone to enabling and capturing the potential of the document solutions market. The results of the study are available immediately in CAP Ventures' white paper entitled Software Development Programs & SDKs: The Cornerstone to Innovation in Document Solutions. The office equipment market has undergone a major technology transition in a short period of time, as traditional standalone single-function output devices like printers and copiers evolved into networked multifunction input/output devices. Now that the market has completed this transition, the first phase of digital innovation is coming to a close and the next phase is beginning.  This next phase focuses on vendors' ability to develop and deploy solutions that enhance the processes involved with document-based communication. These efforts include the creation of tightly integrated software applications that increase the value of office equipment as access points and appliances within the communication framework of computer networks.  To unlock the potential in the document solutions market, MFP platform manufacturers and developers need to consider strategies for attracting and building a community of creative software developers who can maximize the new generation of digital MFPs. "Third-party developers bring experience and a fresh perspective to the challenges and inefficiencies embedded within the office document lifecycle," statedJoel Mazza, a Director at CAP Ventures. "They can objectively evaluate MFP functionality and design creative tools for solving well-identified customer needs as well as those that have yet to be articulated." Without aggressive innovation , MFPs may never fulfill their potential as integrated network appliances. If the office equipment industry fails to successfully offer new innovations, it may find itself disintermediated from the broader market for office document solutions. Those vendors who consider the need for scalable, customizable, and flexible products when designing their platforms, and who understand the potential for integrated software solutions, will gain significant competitive advantages through the use of SDKs and independent software development initiatives. CAP Ventures' white paper entitled Software Development Programs & SDKs: The Cornerstone to Innovation in Document Solutions examines the potential impact of independent software development on the rapidly-changing Document Solutions market. This document includes a detailed discussion on the evolution of the office equipment marketplace, the need for software development programs and SDKs, as well as success factors and strategies for satisfying this emerging market. The complete white paper is available immediately to clients of CAP Ventures' Network Document Solutions Consulting Service. To learn more about the study or to make a purchase, please contact Stewart MacDonaldat (781) 871-9000, ext. 175 or via e-mail at [email protected]