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New Project10X Study Highlights Shared Resource Solutions

Press release from the issuing company

New study charts course to striking competitive advantage for content and media intensive businesses that implement shared resource solutions April 7, 2003, Washington DC, -- Project10X announces publication of Shared Resource Solutions — a special report on new strategies for building content, print, packaging, and rich media systems that deliver superior value and economic return. This report is a guide for decision-makers in enterprises involved with content and brand management, advertising and marketing, creative services, publishing, media production, printing, and their enabling technologies. It explores new technologies, infrastructure strategies, and solution roadmaps that enable companies to realize up to ten-fold improvements in current operations across the economic life of their technology investments. This report shows decision-makers what to do and how to do it. As the Internet becomes the primary infrastructure for business, content, and media, stakeholders are challenged to establish the right technology architecture, select the right building blocks, and chart a practical course that allows them to upgrade and integrate capabilities in a way that is both technically feasible and makes good business sense. A shared resource is any capability presented by one entity in a network which implements an end-to-end set of functions for another entity across the network. Shared resources may be thought of as loosely coupled applications (or other resource) that can be exposed as services and easily consumed by other applications using Internet standard technologies. According to Mills Davis, principle investigator for the Shared Resource Solutions special report, “Shared resources are the next wave of Internet processes. They’re your next IT strategy. Imagine being able to: - Squeeze a third of the cost and time out of core processes while doubling productivity - Link business and production systems automatically with customer and supplier systems and databases - Strengthen customer relationships through superior service and process integration that takes cost, time and effort out of their workflow - Develop solutions faster, cheaper, with less capital investment, resulting in faster return on investment, and reduced risk - Reduce total cost of ownership, freeing staff resources to focus on new initiatives This kind of performance improvement is not science fiction. It’s attainable now. Moreover, the shared resource model benefits all stages of the solution lifecycle, so its benefits continue to amplify. Companies that fail to take action risk being left behind. But, with this report decision-makers have the information and perspective they need to chart their course to competitive advantage.”