Monaco Systems Provides Scaleable Solutions for Color Management

Press release from the issuing company

ANDOVER, Mass.-Feb. 25, 2003--Monaco Systems, Inc., a leader in the field of color management, today announced the availability of the latest versions of its professional ICC profiling products. In addition, Monaco Systems has expanded its family of profiling solutions with the introduction of MonacoPROFILER Gold in response to market demands. This innovative solution contains the most popular features available to meet the growing needs of creative professionals. MonacoPROOF provides a basic level of profiling for creating RGB and CMYK output profiles, along with profile editing tools for lightness, saturation and output curves. The newly introduced MonacoPROFILER Gold Edition includes all the features in MonacoPROOF, but offers expanded profile editing capabilities with fine-tune editing for neutrals and grays, selective color editing, and expert black generation control. The fully featured MonacoPROFILER Platinum Edition completes the trio with multi-color profiling for up to 8 colors and digital camera profiling using the GretagMacbeth ColorChecker targets. New features in all releases include: * X-Rite DTP41B Series II spectrophotometer support with serial or USB cabling * Reduced patch sets for both RGB (343 patches) and CMYK (378 patches) output devices * MonacoOPTIX colorimeter support for both CRT and LCD profiling * Improved monitor profiles with instrument-assisted monitor contrast settings for LCD's, providing optimum dynamic range * Enhanced language support for English, German and French. Spanish and Japanese available April '03 MonacoPROFILER Gold and Platinum Editions also include these new features: * Enhanced profile editing, including a profile whitepoint tag editor for adjusting the whitepoint of output profiles using LAB or Lch tools * ECI (European Color Initiative) color test chart support "Our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction has led us to focus our efforts on expanding our family of flexible and powerful ICC profiling solutions," said Bonnie Fladung, director of marketing for Monaco Systems. "Each product is a full solution (monitor, input and output profiling) with increasing levels of expert controls and functionality. The introduction of MonacoPROFILER Gold and Platinum Editions provides the creative professional with the freedom to purchase or upgrade to the product that best fits their budget and profiling needs." MonacoPROOF version 3.7 is priced at $1650, MonacoPROFILER Gold version 4.6 at $2950 and MonacoPROFILER Platinum version 4.6 at $4250. MonacoDCcolor, the solution for creating digital camera profiles with the GretagMacbeth ColorChecker targets, is available as a complementary solution for $400. The MonacoOPTIX colorimeter is available at $299, providing the most accurate monitor profiling solution for LCD and CRT displays.