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CPM Opens New Imaging Center For Completely Customized Communications

Press release from the issuing company

MIDDLETON, Wis.--Nov. 13, 2002--CPM Marketing Group has opened a Variable Digital Color Imaging Services Center to give healthcare organizations the ability to truly fulfill the goal of one to one communications with custom messages for each individual in their market. The unique blend of new technology, strategy, creativity and healthcare knowledge required to implement this next evolution in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is so unique that CPM is one of few companies in the nation to offer the capability. Variable digital color imaging is a large-scale, sophisticated publishing technique where all elements on each printed piece, from postcards to newsletters, are dynamic or variable. It fulfills the true promise of 1 to 1 communication with each individual by enabling organizations to create the most meaningful concept, printed piece and offer for each person. The end result is a very different and tailored approach to marketing where each piece may vary any or all of these elements: name, art, custom graphics, offer, stock, physician's photo, etc. Any dynamic element can be placed in any position on a mailing piece based on data about the recipient and/or campaign strategies. In addition to customized pieces, another benefit of variable digital color imaging is short production or turn-around times of mailings that have specific deadlines, such as event or seminar information. "The implementation and execution of direct mail with variable digital color imaging is not like customizing static or pre-printed pieces," said James Hallick, CPM director of software development. "The entire creative team must think like engineers to develop modular creative components that come together in a relevant way for each recipient. Variable digital color printing is all about using technology and information intelligently to make meaningful connections with each customer." In addition to the new approach to creativity required to achieve results with variable digital color imaging, technology and production knowledge are essential. The technology consists of large machines that can print one or two-sided full color pieces at varying speeds. The production side of the equation is an understanding of variable printing processes and how to use data to vary and customize printed pieces. CPM has been using this type of production technique with black and white printing processes for several years, and thus had the staff knowledge and skill to implement the variable color printing concept. The ability to truly tailor mailing pieces to an individual rather than groups strengthens the validity of print as a marketing medium in the wired world. "Within five years, 30 to 35 percent of the print market will transition to personalized printing," reported Rab Govil, president of PODi, a non-profit think tank focused on understanding the future of printed communication in the March 2002 issue of 1to1 Magazine. CPM's Variable Digital Color Imaging Services Center combines print technology and social psychology to strengthen healthcare organizations' ability to manage and develop personalized customer relationships. About CPM Marketing Group, Inc. CPM Marketing Group, Inc., headquartered in Middleton, WI, is a pioneer in the development of customer relationship management (CRM) solutions, including information warehousing technology, delivery systems, and portals. Since its inception in 1981, CPM has achieved international recognition for solving healthcare, financial, and telecommunications business problems with this technology. CPM's CRM integrated solutions allow healthcare organizations to maximize their customer relationships through market analysis, strategic planning and targeted personal communications. The foundation is an accessible, customer-centric web warehouse that includes comprehensive individual and household data. CPM's suite of software tools provide easy and secure access to the data for individual snapshots of patients and health consumers on a "segment of one" basis. For more information, visit www.cpm.com, call 1-800-332-2631, or contact us via email at [email protected]