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Enfocus Instant PDF Introduces Workflow in On-line Transactions

Press release from the issuing company

Ghent, 25 March 2002 - Twofoldmedia, based in The Netherlands, has chosen Enfocus Software as its preferred partner to provide a reliable and secure PDF workflow for its new electronic service which unites publishers and advertisers in a unique business transaction. Blank space becomes profitable space for publishers Twofoldmedia has developed an advertising service which both fulfils the need of many daily newspapers to fill unprofitable blank space on deadline, and provides advertising agencies with last-minute opportunities at bargain prices. The company has developed an online advertisement database which improves the business of both parties. Advertisers simply register with Twofoldmedia and submit ad copy along with target group profiles for each ad and a cost per lead they are happy to pay. The database automatically links the ads with the most relevant titles and publishers according to the profile. Publishers can look at the ad on the Internet before accepting it, downloading and placing it - all without the intervention of a third party.  Twofoldmedia handles responses to the advertisement and the advertiser can examine the results online (measured by Didoc Data Services).  The cost of the ad insertion is calculated by simply multiplying the number of respondents by the agreed lead price. A safe process thanks to Enfocus Certified PDF Twofoldmedia's service is a very simple and safe process, thanks to the use of Enfocus Instant PDF.  Advertisers create PDF files according to supplied PDF profiles, check them and then supply them to the database.  With Instant PDF the user controls the PDF creation process by simply pressing on PRINT within the application.   Perfect control of the PDF creation is guaranteed thanks to the integrated Enfocus Certified PDF technology. "In this digital business it is vitally important that all files are provided in the correct format, otherwise it is hopeless." explains Piet-Hein van Aalst, Managing Director of Twofoldmedia.  "Enfocus Certified PDF guarantees the quality and history of the PDF file.  In a market where you have to be right on the ball, this software is priceless," he says.  "Enfocus has had a huge influence on the Belgian media scene where, at the beginning of last year, Certified PDF was already being implemented as standard for the exchange of digital files. De Telegraaf, one of the publishers with whom we are currently undergoing testing, had already applied the Enfocus software in their workflow, so it's an obvious choice for us." Each advertiser using the Twofoldmedia service obtains a licence for Enfocus Instant PDF to be able to generate PDFs.  "We offer a total package of services, including data processing and fulfilment, to our customers and by using the Enfocus product we are confident that they can produce reliable PDF files very efficiently," continues Piet-Hein van Aalst. Commenting on the Twofoldmedia initiative Peter Camps, CEO Enfocus, says: "It is clear that Twofoldmedia has completely researched and exploited the possibilities of the Internet.  Enfocus has already shown itself to be a strong partner in the digital file exchange.  The Certified PDF technology is essential in allowing smooth communication between publisher and advertiser, enabling huge savings in time and costs for all parties." Mr. van Aalst continues: "We have been developing this business for a year and we are working with several publishers in Belgium and The Netherlands. This is a solution that works perfectly for all concerned.  The publisher can maximise the potential of advertising space and the advertiser has the advantage of achieving greater results from ads in a highly cost effective way.  This is not only a unique concept for the Dutch market, but is also a world first.  We have patented the concept and our international expansion plans start with the UK launch in May".