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96% of Quad Operators Have Received Certified Operator Recognition

Press release from the issuing company

March 19, 2002 -- The print industry has long revered Quad/Graphics for its commitment to excellence and quality. During the last few years their pressmen have been exceptional in exceeding that high standard by becoming nationally certified in press operations. By surpassing the standards set by the National Council for Skills Standards in Graphic Communications (NCSSGC), several groups of Quad pressmen have set a new standard of expertise for their peers. In addition, they've raised the bar for the entire industry and put themselves on display as qualified and knowledgeable press operators. "We have one of the highest pass rates of any printer, which is exceptional," said Jay Gross, a Press manager in the Sussex, Wisconsin, plant. Ninety-six percent of Quad operators that have taken the examination have received National Council Certified Operator (NCCO) recognition, as opposed to a national average of approximately 70 percent. "Quad always has been excellent in supplying us with access to learning tools," said Mickey Freitag, another Sussex Press manager. "There must be a reason that this test has only a 70 percent pass rate throughout the industry, but a so much higher rate with Quad employees." Bill Thomka, a Press manager in Quad’s plant in The Rock, Georgia, agreed: "The exam wasn't that difficult because we were all well prepared. I personally felt a great sense of accomplishment. It was a testimony to all who took the test that we strive to be the best at what we do – print." According to the NCSSGC, the Skill Standards are established to define the competency requirements for successful performance — what an operator should know and be able to do. Certification proves that an individual possesses the knowledge and skills essential for performance as defined by the skill standards — those competencies validated by thousands of production experts. To the individuals that take the exam, certification provides recognized proof of professional achievement. Certified press operators receive a patch they wear on the sleeves of their work uniforms as a symbol of their success. They retain certification for five years and must retest to remain certified.