Leading Print Service Providers Endorse Adobe InDesign 2.0

Press release from the issuing company

Support Grows as Customers Switch to Adobe InDesign 2.0 SAN JOSE, Calif.--Feb. 19, 2002--Adobe Systems Incorporated the leader in network publishing, today announced that it has received growing support from leading print service providers for Adobe InDesign 2.0 software, the new version of its award-winning professional layout and design program. By integrating InDesign with their streamlined prepress and production workflows, leading service providers are ensuring that InDesign files have reliable support from start to finish. Recent service providers who support InDesign include Anderson Lithograph, Far Western Graphics, Micropage, Pacific Digital Image and The Font Shop, Inc. "Service providers are giving Adobe tremendous support because InDesign 2.0 delivers the high quality output their print customers depend on,'' said Susan Altman Prescott, vice president of Cross-Media Publishing at Adobe. "The momentum and excitement from the service provider community is further validation that InDesign 2.0 is quickly becoming a new standard for professional layout and design.'' Many leading service providers have been trained to support InDesign 2.0 files for prepress and printing. Since it was first introduced in April 2000, Adobe has added hundreds of new features to InDesign based on feedback from these customers. New features include overprint preview, easy custom page size setup, a new print user interface and an ink manager. "Adobe InDesign has always been attractive to designers, who can use the software to lay out beautiful pages,'' said Buddy Auerbach, general manager, The Font Shop, Inc. "With the robust prepress and printing capabilities of version 2.0, it is now easier for the production side to successfully output those creative designs. We are heartily endorsing InDesign 2.0 to our client base.'' "With InDesign 2.0, Adobe has really listened to service providers like Micropage and delivered many printing capabilities that streamline our workflow,'' said Wahid Bastoros, technical director at Micropage of New York. "The fact that Adobe InDesign has tight integration with Illustrator and Photoshop is more than just a convenience -- it is a huge time saver.'' In addition to the print enhancements in InDesign 2.0, Adobe has also created a new way to communicate with service providers and connect them to end users looking to purchase services. The Adobe Solutions Network (ASN) service provider programs are dedicated to helping service providers build and market Adobe-related services to achieve their business goals. By enrolling in an ASN program, service providers receive free access to technical, business and product information and free listings and customer referrals through the Adobe Partner Finder. The Partner Finder is a searchable database with over 4,000 service provider listings on Adobe.com that allows Adobe customers to easily find service providers in their area. To better connect service providers with end users and trainers, Adobe has also launched a marketing campaign aimed at bringing designers, ad agencies, software trainers, and service providers in the New York City area closer together (see today's related announcement). For service providers interested in more information about joining the Adobe Solutions Network, please visit http://partners.adobe.com/asn/main.html. For more information about the Partner Finder please visit http://partners.adobe.com/asn/partnerfinder.