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Prism and ScenicSoft are UpFront About MIS

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February 13, 2002 - ScenicSoft and the Prism Group of Companies have announced that a unique connection between ScenicSoft’s production-planning tool UpFront and Prism’s WIN and Enterprise MIS products will help forward-looking printing organizations move a step closer to a much-needed, highly integrated end-to-end print manufacturing solution. Printers will be able to streamline their operations and achieve new levels of automation to significantly boost their productivity and improve their profit margins. Estimation records generated by Prism’s WIN and Enterprise MIS products are passed on to UpFront 1.5, ScenicSoft’s pioneering print-production tool via the CIP4 Job Definition Format (JDF) standard. UpFront extracts the job description and other customer data essential for planning the job. By attaining upstream estimation records through JDF, costly errors often associated with manual data re-entry are avoided. UpFront users eliminate job set-up time and can immediately focus on the task at hand: planning the job. At the back end, UpFront already seamlessly integrates with ScenicSoft Preps, the world’s leading digital imposition solution, and ScenicSoft’s entire suite of pre-press production tools. Both UpFront 1.5 and Preps 4.1 can also automate the set-up of finishing equipment when those devices are connected to the optional digital CIP3 links offered by vendors such as Wohlenberg and POLAR-MOHR. ScenicSoft and Prism, both active members of the CIP4 organization, endorse the common XML-based job management approach, and are convinced that JDF-based solutions will offer the printing and publishing industries real cost savings. "When UpFront 1.5 was launched, ScenicSoft made it no secret that it wanted to provide a JDF gateway for existing print management systems to connect to the company’s production planning tool," says Tove Hoyer, ScenicSoft director of marketing. "We were obviously thrilled when Prism, widely recognized as one of the leading vendors of print MIS systems, instantly made it clear that it shares our company’s end-to-end automation vision. ScenicSoft is very happy about the integration with Prism’s WIN and Enterprise MIS products, and the way in which it was achieved." "Prism and ScenicSoft are entirely on the same page when it comes to recognizing the need for automating manufacturing for printers of all sizes," says Rod Fowler, Prism's group general manager for e-business. "UpFront fills in the missing link required to finally establish a much-needed bridge between the business and execution sides of a printing organization. The new and exciting automation opportunities that industry seminars have been touting for years can now finally be delivered through the integration of ScenicSoft’s and Prism’s software solutions. Prism and ScenicSoft are two industry-leading companies that focus on building real-world solutions that can be deployed today. We are very excited to be able to offer our customers a unique industry-first solution that will help improve their bottom line." ScenicSoft offers new users a time-limited evaluation copy of UpFront. This fully functional copy demonstrates how powerful UpFront is in the production environment. Hands-on training courses are also available. About Prism WIN Prism WIN allows tighter control of key elements within a print organization and integrates diverse information to build a clear overview of the complete operation. Prism WIN offers: - Quoting/Estimating - Job Costing - Inventory - Shop Floor Management - Time Sheets - Report Writing Prism WIN's unique modular design allows users to select those modules most appropriate to their business needs. Integration with the Prism QTMS Print Management System is also an option. Prism QTMS comprises a unique set of machine monitoring modules and custom-developed sensors, which automatically record and collate accurate shop floor information. An optional Production Management module offers a comprehensive set of tools to maximize resource utilization and production efficiency in a busy plant. It fosters proactive management focused on meeting delivery deadlines while smoothing out the natural peaks and valleys in production. It also acts as an early warning system, pinpointing problems before they can escalate. The powerful scheduling tool allows an organization to make the very best use of all its resources – time, material, and manpower. About Prism Enterprise With over 1,700 installations worldwide, Prism Enterprise has become the management information system of choice for the small- to medium-sized printing operation. Prism Enterprise is a third-generation Windows application designed specifically for companies operating in the graphic arts industry who need a highly scalable system, customized user interfaces, and access to the Internet for e-commerce. Modular in design, the Enterprise system consists of a suite of intuitive, easy-to-navigate programs that encompass the full range of management software – from the sales function through to the shop floor, from estimating and order entry right through to real-time shop floor data collection. Prism Enterprise modules include: - Estimating / Order Entry / Shipping Job Costing - Invoicing Shop Floor Data Collection - Purchase Order Scheduling / Shop Loading - Inventory Control Quick Order Entry - Finished Goods Inventory Control Web Browsers About Prism Prism is one of the world's leading suppliers of integrated MIS software and machine monitoring equipment for the printing and packaging industry, with 125 employees and 8 offices in the UK, USA, Australia, and New Zealand, and worldwide headquarters in London, England. Prism’s flagship products are the Prism WIN and Prism Enterprise management information system softwares and the QTMS range of machine monitoring equipment. The group has over 2,700 client sites in 15 countries. For more information on the Prism Group of Companies, visit www.prism-world.com