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Industry Search Engine, GraphicBrain.com, Launches Search n Sort!

Press release from the issuing company

GraphicBrain.com, the graphic arts search engine and personal assistant, has once again set the standard. It’s new Search ‘n Sort! tool dramatically enhances the ease of use of Internet searches by sorting the results list by website. GraphicBrain.com has been a unique tool from the start: very focused and with artificial intelligence in it that provides unique performance such as concept based searching and real summaries, up to 10 sentences long, generated on the fly. "It’s quite simple what we are doing. So simple that it’s amazing that no one has done it before." says Eddy Hagen, manager GraphicBrain.com. All search engines display the results based only on relevance or other means of ranking. GraphicBrain.com adds another step. Before showing an extensive results list, GraphicBrain.com’s Search ‘n Sort! feature will first sort the documents by website, or source. It will also give the number of documents within each source. When a user clicks on the source, he will get the results list with the documents within that source, ranked by relevance. "Our Search ‘n Sort! feature gives you a really good overview. And it is very effective in distinguishing between different information sources. You can immediately identify the websites you’re looking for." according to Eddy Hagen The idea for this new tool grew within VIGC, the Flemish Innovation Centre for Graphic Communication, which is the provider of the GraphicBrain.com service. VIGC is a not for profit organization in Belgium (Europe) that provides information and services to companies, institutes, organizations in the graphic arts and publishing industry. "We at VIGC are following up on new technology, so this means that we are surfing the Internet on a daily basis." tells Eddy Hagen. "So we are confronted with all the difficulties that Internet searches can lead to, like every other Internet user. But instead of complaining about it, we developed our own tool: GraphicBrain.com. And we keep improving it, as we now have done with the Search ‘n Sort! feature. If I look at my work, GraphicBrain.com has made my job a lot more comfortable." If we look at the numbers, GraphicBrain.com is quite successful. Every month more than 5 000 visitors, from all over the world, are using the service. And there is reason for doing so. GraphicBrain.com isn’t indexing the whole Internet, but only those sites that are of interest to the graphic arts and publishing community. So users won’t find any irrelevant information. Even with this specific focus, GraphicBrain.com still indexes more than 3 000 websites. In total GraphicBrain.com has already indexed about 2 million documents. These are not only websites from vendors, but also on-line magazines (nearly 35 000 articles), discussion groups (100 000 messages) and even 250 000 documents from universities and research institutions. For more information you can contact Eddy Hagen, VIGC (Flemish Innovatoin Centre for Graphic Communications), Steenweg op Gierle 100 B 5, 2300 Turnhout (Belgium), [email protected], Tel. + 32 496 527 134