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GretagMacbeth Enhances Award-Winning Eye-One System, More Options

Press release from the issuing company

SAN FRANCISCO, CA; September 25, 2001 — GretagMacbeth, worldwide technological leader in color measurement and management solutions, today announced enhancements to its award-winning Eye-One color management system. Eye-One was first introduced at Seybold Seminars in Boston earlier this year. The Eye-One color management system makes it easy for creative professionals — designers, illustrators, art directors, and digital photograhers — to measure color and create profiles for monitors, including flat panel displays, and all input and output devices. Effective color management is becoming increasingly important to creatives as they become more involved in digital photography, digital proofing, and cross-media publishing. Eye-One ensures consistent color reproduction across a wide range of media, eliminating guesswork and wasted proofs. Eye-One also ensures they can communicate color more reliably with their clients and suppliers, in order to achieve faster turnaround time. Enhancements to the Eye-One system being announced at Seybold San Francisco include: · Support for the Macintosh OS X operating system (Eye-One Share and Eye-One Match) · Four new tools in Eye-One Share for creating and evaluating color palettes · A new diagnostic tool that makes it easy to run a test process for Eye-One devices and detect any service needs · Localization of Eye-One Share and Eye-One Match for French, Italian, German, Spanish and Japanese languages · Localization of the Eye-One Web site www.i1color.com for French, Italian, German, Spanish and Japanese languages “This set of enhancements makes our Eye-One system even more indispensable to a growing international community of creative professionals,” says Iris Mangelschots, Vice President of Marketing at GretagMacbeth, “and demonstrates the ongoing evolution of our Eye-One software and freeware, which is becoming increasingly popular worldwide." Mangelschots adds, “With OS X compatibility for the complete system, new tools in Eye One Share and localized versions in 6 important languages, we reach another milestone since the introduction of Eye-One and its selection as a “Hot Pick” by the editors of the Seybold Report on Publishing Systems at Seybold Seminars Boston 2001. We are pleased that Eye-One also received a ‘Must See ‘Em’ Award at the recently held Print 01 show in Chicago.” Support for Macintosh OS X The latest versions of both Eye-One Match and Eye-One Share are now compatible with Mac OS X operating system. Eye-One Share is a unique freeware product for creating and sharing color palettes. The user can easily download Eye-One Share freeware from the www.i1color.com website and use it with or without the Eye-One measurement device. Eye-One Match software is designed for measuring both reflective and emissive (monitor) colors to create profiles for all input and output devices. New color creation tools in Eye-One Share freeware Eye-One Share freeware now includes four new tools. Three tools in the Create Section make it even easier for color professionals to create colors for use in their designs, even without the Eye-One measurement device. The fourth new tool is a palette browser that allows you to evaluate your working palette, or existing palettes such as Pantone or GretagMacbeth, by ”browsing” through the entire color space and dragging out any color you would like to use. In addition to allowing users to drag and drop single colors into any open application and export palettes into Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign, Eye-One Share can now export whole color palettes into PageMaker and Freehand. Also new in Eye One Share is a diagnostic tool that makes it possible for the user to verify that their Eye-One measuring device is working properly. The user simply plugs in the Eye-One, runs the diagnostic program and receives a Pass or Fail. In case of a Fail, an error report can be printed and sent to GretagMacbeth service to determine the appropriate action required. This diagnostic tool provides additional reliability for the system and keeps support/service time to an absolute minimum. Localization of Eye-One website The Eye-One color website, http://www.i1color.com, now can be accessed in German, Italian, French, Spanish and Japanese. The Eye-One color website is the place for color professionals all over the world to download Eye-One Share freeware, exchange ideas, learn more about color, and submit feedback on how they are using the Eye-One system. Availability A new distribution CD for Eye-One software will be available in mid-October. The CD will include the localized versions of Eye-One Share and Eye-One Match software, support for Mac OS X and the new device diagnostic tool. The additional new tools for Eye-One share will be available (English only) for downloading from the Eye-One Web site www.i1color.com in late October.