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KPG Launches Solutions in Plates, Film and Proofing at PRINT 01

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Norwalk, Connecticut, USA — Major advances in thermal plates, a step forward in imagesetting film, and a new desktop proofing system – all designed to improve quality, increase productivity, and reduce costs – will headline the Kodak Polychrome Graphics (KPG) product introductions at PRINT 01 (Booth 5723). "Kodak Polychrome Graphics arrives at PRINT armed with a portfolio of new products and services designed to help our customers become more competitive," said Jeff Jacobson, Chief Executive Officer. "These innovations in film, proofing and plate technology have been designed to meet specific customer needs. These product launches will make a real difference in both big and small, prepress and printing operations." Kodak Polychrome Graphics SWORD Thermal Printing Plate Leading the lineup of new products is SWORD Thermal Printing Plate – a revolutionary no preheat, no postbake thermal plate that boasts run lengths of 400,000 plus. SWORD thermal plates employ a "write-the-background" technology with a negative processing system that is compatible with the infrared (IR) laser sources used in thermal platesetters. It is already accredited by CreoScitex and is in the accreditation process with other manufacturers. "SWORD Thermal Printing Plates are exactly what commercial printers in North America have been asking for," said Andrew Copley, President, United States and Canada Region. "It brings thermal technology’s superior quality to customers with increased ease of use by streamlining all processing requirements." Visitors to the KPG booth at PRINT won’t miss SWORD thermal plates’ significance. The display features a sword theme and a replica "sword in the stone" where booth visitors can try their luck. Those lucky enough to remove the sword from the stone will win a poster of an original Boris Vallejo painting commissioned to promote the launch of SWORD thermal plates. SWORD Thermal Printing Plates will be imaged live at the KPG booth on a CreoScitex Spectrum, and ECRM DesertCat 88 and a Screen PT-R4000. Other plate introductions include the Kodak Polychrome Graphics Thermal Gold Printing Plate, the next generation of the GATF Award winning Thermal Printing Plate/830. Delivering 1-99%, 300 line screen resolution, Thermal Gold printing plates offer outstanding run lengths (1 million+ impressions when postbaked), exceptional chemical resistance, faster imaging speeds, greater imaging latitude, less ablation, and superb ink/water balance latitude. The KPG United States and Canada Region will also launch the Kodak Polychrome Graphics DirectPrint Plate, a no-chemical process conventional aluminum plate that boasts extremely fast exposure times and clear printed images. DirectPrint plates can be exposed in a vacuum frame with either Kodak DryView or conventional films. Once the plate is exposed, simply bring it to press, and usually within 5-10 sheets of paper, saleable work is printing. Consistent results can be expected for run lengths of up to 100,000 impressions. At PRINT 01, DirectPrint plates can be seen in action in conjunction with DryView Recording Film and running on a Ryobi press. The combination will clearly demonstrate the benefits and quality of a chemical-free workflow to KPG booth visitors. Kodak Premier Recording Film System In film, KPG will formally launch the Kodak Premier Recording Film System in the United States and Canada. Premier Recording Film is a new hard dot film that improves quality and consistency, increases speed, and optimizes chemical usage. Available in a broad array of sizes, Premier Recording Film is compatible with existing imagesetting devices that use red laser diodes or HeNe lasers in the 630 to 670 nm range, as well as being designed to take advantage of advanced features in the newest recording devices. Premier Recording Film improves the competitiveness of film-based printers by increasing quality and productivity. And, its enhanced matte technology makes it ideal for flexograpic platemaking. "We fully expect the majority of film users to convert to Premier Recording Film," said Kathy McHugh, Vice President, Marketing, United States and Canada Region. "The hard dot Premier system’s speed is comparable to rapid access and its quality is superior. This is a premium product designed to meet printer’s need for speed without compromising quality." Kodak Polychrome Graphics First Check Desktop Proofing System In proofing, the company will unveil its First Check Desktop Proofing System, an easy-to-use, high quality proofing system designed for the commercial, design and packaging markets. In addition to the process colors of cyan, magenta, yellow and black (CMYK), the First Check proofer can print orange, green, spot black, opaque white, gold and silver foils, gold and silver metallics, and a finish coat, on a variety of substrates. Proofing media include four papers (standard commercial, high-quality commercial, matte, and publication), a transfer film, and a shrink-wrap film. Standard media size is 13"x19". Also on display at the KPG booth will be the industry leading Kodak Approval XP4 Digital Color Proofing system. Making its show debut will be the Kodak Adobe-certified RIP-A, version 1.0. With Recipe Color software and new metallic, green and orange donors, the Approval XP system accurately produces literally millions of spot colors without the need to stock additional donors. Also on display will be Kodak Approval Digital Color Proofing Clear Film, which makes accurate spot color proofing for transparent packaging a reality. Customers will also be able to see the new Kodak Approval Type 2 Red Donor, the first of a series of auxiliary color materials serving Approval Type 2 users. Champions Program At PRINT, KPG will formally kick off its customer Champions Program for the United States and Canada Region, a consultative service focused on developing solutions to increase customer productivity. During one and two day Champions site visits, veteran KPG industrial engineers work with a printer’s operation and personnel, applying their expertise to increase profitability and save time. As a result of Champions, printers can experience quantifiable improvements in any one of five different areas: facilities design/layout, organizational assessment, cycle time reduction, make-ready reduction, and waste reduction. "The Champions Program gives our customers access to some of the most knowledgeable and experienced experts in the industry," Copley said. "Whether it’s waste reduction, facilities layout or matching a press to a proof, we can provide quantifiable recommendations and results. We offer this service because we know that when our customers improve their operations, in the long run we will benefit too." Another popular program within the Champions Program, Press Aim Analysis, will be demonstrated at PRINT 01. Press Aim helps pinpoint and analyze color quality issues in a customer's workflow. As part of PRINT 01, KPG is offering free Press Aim Analysis packages to customers who attended a Press Aim demonstration. About Kodak Polychrome Graphics KPG provides one of the broadest product and solutions portfolios available in the graphic arts industry today, including a wide range of conventional lithographic plates and thermal plates for computer-to-plate solutions, Kodak branded graphic arts films, and digital proofing products. With headquarters in Norwalk, Connecticut, USA, and regional offices in the United States, Europe, Japan, Asia Pacific and Latin America, Kodak Polychrome Graphics serves over 130,000 customers in more than 100 countries. Additional information regarding Kodak Polychrome Graphics may be found on the company's web site: www.kpgraphics.com.