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Software Vendor Best Launches Product Offensive with New Strategic Orientation

Press release from the issuing company

Krefeld, August 2001 - Best GmbH, a leading provider of printing and pre-press solutions, presents a new strategic orientation with its new family of products. Under this new strategy, Best will be offering dedicated solutions for specific user groups. Market and Target Group Analysis Previously, BESTColor solutions only differentiated themselves by the size of the output formats they supported – Best’s product and sales strategy did not include any type of special features for different target groups. A study conducted by Best, which included many noted designers, photographers and artists, confirmed that it would be helpful to address products specifically and explicitly to new application areas and markets. This custom-tailoring contents as far as workflows, terminology and operator’s manuals. The result of this was the new solutions from Best, which indicate their target application areas right in their names. The New Solutions Best Colorproof for Windows is a contone proof system for the production environment, providing up to fifteen input channels, which can be configured as desired for color simulation and print material quality. The files are output directly to virtual PostScript printers or placed in hotfolders. Best Colorproof supports numerous printers from size DIN A3 to a 62” largeformat printer. Best Screenproof for Windows is the high-end solution for publishers and printing houses who need to have the original screen information of the print run. Best Screenproof reads the screened hi-res data of the image setter, CtP or digital press RIP (one-bit TIFF) and processes them with its proven color management system. Depending on the ink jet printer, screen rulings up to 200 lpi (80 grids) can be displayed. Best Designer Edition for Apple Macintosh (starting from Mac OS 8.6) addresses the creative designer and makes it possible to print directly from applications such as QuarkXpress, InDesign and PageMaker to obtain color-true proofs in the printer contone quality. Best PhotoXposure is – because of its server functionality – of particular interest to the production environment of professional photographers with high image capacity. The truecolor output, image production and process control when sending the digital images gives photographers the security they are used to from working with film and slides. Best PhotoXposure allows up to fifteen virtual printers or hotfolders on the network. Best Photo Edition for Apple Macintosh (starting from Mac-0S 8.6) is the tool for ambitious photographers who want not only a color-true printout but also a print preview of their digital images. Printers up to 24” are supported. Best ARTmosphere is aimed at artists, gallery owners, museums and art reproductionists who want to go beyond the existing limitations in digital art printing or classical reproduction. Best ARTmosphere opens up entirely new possibilities as far as color and plasticity for such applications. With the support of authentic printing media like structured watercolor and handmade paper, inkjet printouts can look almost like the original artworks. Prices and Availability The recommended retail price for Best Colorproof M is EURO 1.280,-, for Best Colorproof XL EURO 1.920,-, for Best Colorproof XXL EURO 2.560,-, for Best Colorproof Laser EURO 1.790,-, for Best Screenproof EURO 11.000,-, for Best Designer Edition M EURO 640,-, for Best Designer Edition XL EURO 1.28o,-, for Best Designer Edition Laser EURO 1.280,-, for Best PhotoXposure M EURO 1.280,-, for Best PhotoXposure XL EURO 1.920,-, for Best PhotoXposure XXL EURO 2.560,- for Best Photo Edition M EURO 640,-, for Best Photo Edition XL EURO 1.280,-, and for Best ARTmosphere EURO 2.560,- excluding VAT. The solutions will be available from specialty dealers in the third resp. fourth quarter of the year.