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Extensis Announces Suitcase 10 for Macintosh

Press release from the issuing company

PORTLAND, OR - June 19, 2001 - Extensis today announced the release of Suitcase 10, an important upgrade to the world’s best selling font manager. Extensis Suitcase 10 makes activating, previewing and managing fonts faster and easier than ever before. "No matter how many typefaces you have, finding, viewing and using the right font should be fast and easy," said Michael Wong, Suitcase product manager. "We have significantly upgraded the functionality of Suitcase to address the challenges that users have with existing font solutions. Design and prepress professionals juggle hundreds, even thousands of fonts at a time, and Suitcase is the best way to compare them side-by-side, group them logically, activate and deactivate them, and resolve font conflicts." Coming soon: Apple Macintosh OS X Version In Mac OS X, fonts are stored in a combination of directories and folders, adding to the font management challenge. A carbonized OS X version of Suitcase 10 will ship later this year, and will be made available to all registered owners of Suitcase 10 at no additional charge. New in Suitcase 10 The award winning font management capabilities of Suitcase have been expanded to include the features users asked for most. The new features of Suitcase 10 include: Auto Activation—Suitcase automatically activates fonts in many popular business and graphics programs. Users can create application sets, so anytime the program is opened the necessary fonts are activated as well. Suitcase also includes a QuarkXPress extension that uses Apple’s Font Sync technology to automatically open the exact font used in a QuarkXPress document. Activate on Demand—In a prepress environment, where fonts are received along with the document to be printed, the prepress operator can now temporarily activate the fonts needed for the print job simply by dragging them into Suitcase. Deactivating of these fonts is a single keystroke. FontBook Included—Suitcase includes a free copy of FontBook, developed by LemkeSoft. FontBook previews and prints font families in 24 different layouts, including reference cards, font sizes, ASCII tables and more. Suitcase Strip—The Suitcase Strip, located in the Apple Control Strip, can be used to activate and deactivate sets without opening Suitcase. Collect for Output—Suitcase copies all font files necessary to print a document to a specified location, so sending a job to a commercial printer is fast and easy. Corrupt Font Tracking—Suitcase tracks which font causes a system to crash, and marks it so it can be found and deleted or replaced. Contextual Menus—All Suitcase commands are available in contextual menus for fast and easy navigation. Multiple Master Fonts—Suitcase 10 adds support for Multiple Master fonts. Improved Font Conflict Handling—With one click of the mouse, resolve any and all duplicate font conflicts that appear. Suitcase 10 Server Improves Workgroup Font Sharing Suitcase 10 Server enables workgroups to leverage the power of font management over a network, ensuring that all users in a workgroup are using the same fonts. Individual users on the network can view all the Server sets created by the administrator and choose to subscribe to only the sets they need. "Letting individual Suitcase users subscribe to only the font sets they need has great benefit to advertising agencies and publishing house that have many clients or titles, all with a different brand look and feel," says Wong. "Suitcase makes sure that everyone working for a particular magazine or client is using the right fonts for the project." Suitcase 10 Server can run on either a Macintosh or Windows computer. Anyone on the network with a copy of Suitcase can connect to the server. Suitcase 10 Server includes 5 copies of Suitcase 10 for Macintosh. About Suitcase 10 Extensis Suitcase 10 is the fastest way to work with fonts. Packed with automated features that help you preview, organize and activate your fonts, Suitcase 10 makes it easy to find the right font fast. Automatically activate fonts, preview them several different ways, collect fonts for output, and create sample pages—Suitcase does it all. Suitcase 10 also allows users to connect to Suitcase Server and synchronize fonts and files, including graphics, photos and text files. Pricing and Availability The English version of Suitcase 10 is available now for download from the Extensis web site and will be shipping later this month. Estimated street price is $99.95US for full product, $49.95US for upgrades from other Suitcase versions. Competitive upgrades are also $49.95US. Suitcase 10 Server is available for an estimated street price of $999.95US, including 5 free copies of Suitcase 10 for Macintosh. French, German and Japanese language product will be available in August 2001. System Requirements Suitcase 10 will support Macintosh Operating System 8.6-9.1 and requires a Macintosh Power PC or equivalent, 10 MB of hard disk space and 32 MB RAM.