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A NEW LOOK! - Global Graphics Aligns Subsidiaries Worldwide

Press release from the issuing company

Cambridge, UK; June 5, 2001 - Global Graphics(R) (NASDAQ Europe: GLGR, Euronext GLOG) has aligned its nine prepress hardware subsidiaries and printing software companies worldwide into two divisions to reflect the integration of its businesses, consolidate its position as a leading supplier to graphics arts industry OEMs (original equipment manufacturers), and position the company for further growth. The company will now operate as Global Graphics Hardware and Global Graphics Software, with the names of the former subsidiary companies remaining as product brands. Global Graphics Hardware features some of the major brands in flexo and litho pre-press plate processing equipment - Photomeca and Colomag based in France; AZ of Italy; Heights, ICG(TM) and Technigraph headquartered in the UK; and Kelleigh based in the US. The companies forming Global Graphics Software are digital printing software leaders Harlequin(R) and Jaws(R) Systems, both headquartered in the UK. "The realignment of Global Graphics companies into these two divisions is the culmination of an intensive and strategic acquisitions program over the past four years," says Johan Volckaerts, chairman and CEO. "In the last two years alone we have acquired five companies and we have gradually brought them together to work more closely. As operating units within our new Hardware and Software divisions, these formerly independent businesses are now taking a concerted approach in the sharing of resources in R&D, product development and sales and marketing, and in exploring business opportunities across an increasing number of additional industry segments," Volckaerts explains. The Global Graphics chairman and CEO continues, "The rapid evolution of Global Graphics and the subsequent integration and restructuring of the various companies has brought us to the point where the development of a clear and consistent image in the market is imperative. This change will give us a stronger presence in all our priority markets which include Japan and China as well as North America and Europe. It establishes a corporate platform from which we are taking our technology into new markets as well as developing our relationships with existing customers." Global Graphics printing software business Harlequin(R) Limited and its subsidiary Jaws(R) Systems Limited will be known as Global Graphics Software Limited. Harlequin Incorporated, based at Massachusetts in the United States, will be renamed Global Graphics Software Incorporated. Both Harlequin and Jaws will continue to be promoted vigorously as brand names. James Freidah, chief operating officer, Global Graphics Software, says, "Through Harlequin and Jaws, Global Graphics Software is opening up the middle market for Raster Image Processors and has positioned itself to meet the exceptional growth expected from mass market printing devices and Internet-based print services. We are also making the transition into electronic document management through PDF and digital workflow products. We recognize the brand equity that exists in the Harlequin and Jaws names and we will continue to invest heavily in those brands." The company's hardware businesses in the UK, namely ICG, Heights Technologies and Technigraph, will be combined to form Global Graphics Hardware Limited. In the United States Kelleigh, together with ICG's and Technigraph's US operations will move into a single manufacturing facility and trade as Global Graphics Hardware Incorporated. Photomeca and Colomag in France will be known as Global Graphics Hardware SAS, and AZ in Italy will become Global Graphics Hardware srl. Gary Jones, chief operating officer, Global Graphics Hardware, says, "In bringing these hardware businesses together, our customers will benefit from the combined strength and expertise of an international organization which has one of the broadest pre-press product ranges for both flexo and litho applications. The move gives our customers the ability to contract with a single organization to provide a full portfolio of hardware and software technology." Global Graphics saw its sales rise 52% in 2000 over the previous year at Euro 93.3 million and is predicting continued growth in digital pre-press, workflow and electronic document management for the coming year.