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Presstek 34DI Ramps Up Green Focus for Herron Printing & Graphics

Press release from the issuing company

Hudson, N.H. – September 11, 2008 – Presstek, Inc., the leading manufacturer and marketer of digital offset printing business solutions, announced that Gaithersburg, Maryland-based Herron Printing considers its Presstek 34DI digital offset press as a key factor in its ability to reduce its carbon footprint.

“Over 5 years ago, we started to reduce our environmental footprint by implementing Presstek’s chemistry-free plates on a Dimension platesetter to support our conventional four-color press,” said Randy Herron, President, Herron Printing & Graphics. “Two years ago, we realized that we needed to upgrade our conventional four-color press in order to remain competitive. So, we replaced it with a Presstek 34DI, rather than acquiring a five-color press. The DI produces significantly less waste, improves our print quality and saves us time over a conventional offset press.”

Herron is dedicated to making his operation as environmentally friendly as possible. For example, his company car is a hybrid Toyota Prius.  The company also recycles all paper waste and cardboard, and uses vegetable-based inks on the Presstek 34DI press.

“One of the most exciting steps we have taken,” added Herron, “is to convert to 100 percent wind power.  Although the energy cost is about 20% higher than energy produced with carbon-based fuels, it is a step toward reducing dependence on petroleum. I am very proud of the progress we have been able to make at Herron Printing toward this end.”

While Herron has not yet begun marketing his reduced carbon footprint, he believes his existing customer base will be pleased with the actions he has taken. “We think it will offer us a competitive advantage in terms of new customer acquisition, as well,” he said.

“Herron and his team are justifiably proud of their efforts to reduce their environmental footprint,” said Klaus Schleicher, Presstek Group Product Director, Digital Printing Business Unit. “In addition, they are benefiting from business growth due to the Presstek 34DI press.  Herron’s revenues are up 100 percent over the last 90 days due to the ability to produce high quality short runs of four-color work with very fast turnaround, and up 20 percent for the year.  Herron reports that 25 percent of that year-over-year growth is directly attributable to the Presstek DI press.”

Good for the Environment, Good for Business
The latest generation of DI digital offset presses delivers an environmentally friendly, efficient, easy-to-use and profitable printing solution. Presstek’s DI presses offer chemistry-free platemaking, waterless printing and substantially less waste than conventional printing processes. Specifically, the DI’s ability to go from file to sellable color within 20 sheets greatly reduces paper waste. Since the PIA/GATF estimates that the cost of paper accounts for 22 percent of a printer’s sales revenues, implementing a Presstek DI has a direct correlation to profitability. In general, job profitability is 13 percent higher on a DI compared to a conventional press, and compared to a toner-based digital device, the DI press saves 50 percent on average per letter size page. DI presses are available in 34 cm and 52 cm formats.