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Xante New Color Screenwriter, Film Positives, No Extra Processing

Press release from the issuing company

MAY 7, 2001, MOBILE, AL --XANTe CORPORATION today announces the revolutionary new Colour ScreenWriter the first and only color laser printer on the market today capable of producing quality film positives and without film processing. The Colour ScreenWriter is a complete printing solution designed specifically for screen printers in need of high-quality film positives, heat transfers, label stock, and color proofs. With the Colour ScreenWriter, screen printing jobs can be printed on Xantes Myriad Film directly on the desktop. The Colour ScreenWriter produces crisp, high density film positives that are immediately ready to use with no chemicals or processing. Featuring Xantes Positive Film Technology for registering multiple colors, along with true Adobe PostScript 3?, up to 1200 x 1200 dpi, and oversized printing capabilities up to 13" x 19", the Colour ScreenWriter answers the growing need for a multi-purpose output device for the screen printing and specialty industries. "The Colour ScreenWriter offers an unprecedented patent pending approach to creating desktop film positives for the screen printing industry," said Robert C. Ross, Jr., Xantes founder and CEO. "For the first time, screen printers can print film positives directly from their desktop with no chemicals or processing as well as create heat transfers, bumper stickers, and color proofs from the same device. Screen printers will be able to accept more jobs and gain higher margins with the incredible savings in time, equipment and film costs that the Colour ScreenWriter provides. This product is just another example of Xantes commitment to innovative, state-of-the-art solutions for the screen printing industry." In addition to printing quality film positives, the Xante Colour ScreenWriter is capable of producing superior heat transfer materials. Using Xantes Myriad 2 Heat Transfer Paper with the Colour ScreenWriter provides optimized top coatings, solid toner dots, and crisp images for incredible results. Myriad 2 Heat Transfer Paper, which is humidity resistant, feeds effortlessly through the Xante Colour ScreenWriters standard paper cassette and remains uncurled after printing. This process can be used to apply designs to most fabrics, as well as wood, magnetic material, and cardboard. Designs applied to fabrics using the Colour ScreenWriter and Myriad 2 Heat Transfer Paper feel soft after washing and do not crack. The Xante Colour ScreenWriter also offers the ability to print bumper stickers, window signs, labels and more using self-adhesive media. With Myriad 2 Laser Vinyl you also can create waterproof, tear-resistant signs and labels that offer heavy-duty, long-term durability. This can be used indoors or outdoors and is suited for wet, humid environments. Not only can the Colour ScreenWriter be used for generating quality film positives, heat transfers, and label stock, but it can also be used as an accurate color proofing device. Xantes photo quality color provides rich, full color at 600 or 1200 dpi, depending on the model chosen. Screen printers can print accurate color and clear, crisp text on a wide range of paper types including ordinary bond paper or specialty stocks such as coated, card, transparencies, and envelopes. PRINTER FEATURES Positive Film Technology - Allows the Colour ScreenWriter to register multiple colors resulting in the ability to print high quality, fast turn-around film positives on Xantes Myriad Film directly from the desktop without the need for extra processing and chemistry. Photo Quality Color- Provides true 600 x 600 dpi or 1200 x 1200 dpi resolutions, depending on the model, for rich, full color and clear, crisp text on a wide range of media types. Adobe PostScript 3 Software - The Colour ScreenWriter offers the reliability, assurance of compatibility, and high performance provided by PostScript 3. PostScript 3 benefits include improved performance, enhanced file and memory management schemes, data compression, composite font support, and much more. Myriad Film - Polyester based Myriad Film is available from Xante for quality computer-to-film printing. Film printed on the Colour ScreenWriter is immediately ready for use with no extra processing required. Myriad Clear Film - In addition to offering Myriad opaque film, Xante introduces the new Myriad Clear Film. Printing positives on Xantes Myriad Clear Film also provides for immediate use with no required processing. X-ACT - Xantes patented Accurate Calibration Technology gives users precise control over horizontal and vertical dimensions on page images ensuring unmatched output accuracy. The X-ACT feature provides an easy, convenient way to calibrate the Colour ScreenWriter to unequaled accuracy. Xantes ColourMatch Software - Controls colors beyond the standard settings by allowing the user to modify colors on the Xante Colour ScreenWriter Pro more closely matching the color generated on the final output device. ColourMatch Software gives users the ability to edit existing profiles or build custom profiles to match a specific printing press or other output devices. In addition, compensation can be made for different color paper stocks. High Performance - Xantes high performance controller design features the NEC VR 4310 166 MHz RISC processor and up to 256 MB RAM. Media Flexibility - Allows for oversized printing up to 13" x 19" (330 x 482 mm). Users can print on Myriad Film, Heat Transfer Paper, ordinary bond paper or specialty stocks including coated, card, transparencies, laser quality labels and envelopes. The Xante Colour ScreenWriter series supports a standard 250 sheet cassette and two optional 500 sheet paper feeders with cassettes for a maximum input capacity of 1,250 sheets. A duplex unit is optional for plain paper and thick stock up to 11" x 17"/A3 size, requiring a 500 sheet paper feeder and cassette. Simultaneous Interfacing - RS-232 serial, parallel, and LocalTalk interfaces are standard, all of which can be active simultaneously for seamless, cross platform support. 10BaseT Ethernet running concurrently active EtherTalk, Novell NetWare, and TCP/IP protocols is standard on the Colour ScreenWriter 600 and 1200 models. 10/100BaseT Ethernet and an internal IDE drive is standard on the Xante Colour ScreenWriter Pro. Font Handling - In addition to providing 136 standard PostScript resident typefaces, Xantes ScreenWriter 3 includes support for Adobes Type 1, 3, 4, 5, and 6 downloadable fonts. OVERVIEW Product Features XANTe Colour ScreenWriter 600 600 x 600 dpi color output 1200 x 1200 dpi monochrome output 64 MB RAM (upgradable to 256 MB) Up to 13" x 19" (330mm x 482mm) output High speed RISC processor Adobe PostScript 3 Press Profiles for sRGB X-ACT Standard 10BaseT Ethernet Optional duplexing capabilities XANTe Colour ScreenWriter 1200 1200 x 1200 dpi color & monochrome output 160 MB RAM (upgradable to 256 MB) Up to 13" x 19" (330mm x 482mm) output High speed RISC processor Adobe PostScript 3 Press Profiles for sRGB X-ACT Standard 10BaseT Ethernet Optional duplexing capabilities XANTe Colour ScreenWriter Pro 1200 x 1200 dpi color & monochrome output 160 MB RAM (upgradable to 256 MB) Up to 13" x 19" (330mm x 482mm) output High speed RISC processor Adobe PostScript 3 XANTes ColourMatch Software Press Profiles for sRGB X-ACT Standard 10BaseT Ethernet Standard internal IDE drive Optional duplexing capabilities Target Markets & Applications Xantes Colour ScreenWriter is targeted toward the growing screen printing and specialty industries. Companies with a need for high-quality positives will benefit from the printers computer-to-film capabilities. The ability to produce crisp heat transfers will allow screen printers to take on lower quantity, faster turn-around jobs that may have been too expensive to produce without the Colour ScreenWriter. Color printing capabilities allow screen printers to create accurate color proofs of the job before running film, heat transfers, or other materials. This includes small, medium, and large shops producing T-shirts, caps, cups, bumper stickers, and other specialty screen printed items. The Colour ScreenWriter allows users to bypass many steps associated with traditional film printing by outputting directly to Myriad film. The Colour ScreenWriter eliminates camera and darkroom procedures, resulting in faster, easier production. Its innovative technologies reduce the cost and process time required for conventional methods where the user is tied up by camera work and developing time. The oversized paper handling helps prevent the need for tiling and provides the flexibility to print output up to 13" wide. Pricing, Availability, & Distribution Optional configuration US pricing: Colour ScreenWriter 600, 64 MB RAM....................Regular $4,495...Intro Price $3,995 Colour ScreenWriter 1200, 160 MB RAM................Regular $5,495...Intro Price $4,995 Colour ScreenWriter Pro, 160 MB RAM..................Regular $6,495...Intro Price $5,995 Introductory prices are good through July 31, 2001. Xante offers a one year on-site warranty. The Colour ScreenWriter series will be available in May, 2001 direct from Xante or from authorized resellers worldwide.