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How Many People Work In Packaging Anyway?

Press release from the issuing company

According to TrendWatch, Designers of flexible packaging say that 2.3 workers are involved in flexible packaging production--but the package engineers say that there are 4.6 people involved in production. Well, the designers were half right. As for how many people are involved in packaging's up-front creative and concept work--get ready for your moment of Dilbert--product marketing and management says there are 2.2 individuals involved, while engineering says 0.9 individuals are involved in creative and concept work. In this case, the engineers were only about half right. Why should you care? This isn't typical of just the packaging industry. How familiar are you with what goes on in departments beyond your own walls? Many folks are content to be castaways in their own companies, staying on their own departmental islands and perhaps having production meetings with volleyballs (it can seem that way sometimes, can't it?). Understanding the entire workflow and the needs of others in the process can streamline production--saving everyone time and the company money. Remember: perception without facts is reality!