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Screen Launches New 4-page thermal PlateRite 4300

Press release from the issuing company

10th April 2002 IPEX 2002 – Hall 4 Stand 360 Supports both smaller format 2-page & larger format 4-page presses IPEX, Birmingham, UK – Dainippon Screen Mfg. Co., Ltd. (Screen) announces a new thermal computer to plate (CtP) recorder in its 4-page PlateRite series today at IPEX - the PlateRite 4300. The new model has been developed to support the larger format 4-page presses which are fast becoming popular in the market. The latest generation of 4-page presses from some of the major press suppliers have stretched their plate format up to 745 x 660 mm. The PlateRite 4300 has been developed to support these larger versions of the 4-page presses by extending its maximum plate size to 830 x 660 mm, as well as to support some of the smaller 2-page presses by reducing the minimum plate size down to 324 x 370mm. Compared to other 4-page PlateRite models, the PT-R4300 is slightly faster at 20 plates per hour (724 x 615mm at 2400 dpi) to satisfy the needs of those customers requiring higher productivity. The PlateRite 4300 features Screen’s unique clamping and automatic drum balancing systems which provides the precision and stability required to enable a wide range of plate formats to be handled at high speed. The PlateRite 4300 also features the same automatic in-line plate punching as used in other PlateRite models. A key feature for maintaining high-precision plate registration to enable quick make-ready times on the press. Automatic plate handling is an important feature for many CtP users, to enable the maximum use of the system and to increase profitability. The PlateRite 4300 has an optional single-cassette autoloader - with automatic interleaf paper removal - which can hold up to 100 plates, as well as a multi-cassette autoloader which comes with three cassettes. The multi-cassette autoloader enables up to 300 plates of three different sizes to be loaded into the PlateRite 4300 without operator intervention. An automatic processor bridge is also available to extend the automation process all the way through to the plate processor. Trueflow, the world’s first Web browser-operated PDF workflow solution; the widely-installed TaigaSPACE system; as well as the Harlequin-based HQ-510 RIP are available as front-end systems to drive the PlateRite 4300. Moreover, in combination with the Screen workflow solution, SPEKTA screening - the remarkable AM/FM hybrid screen pattern - brings outstanding print quality with the minimum of effort on the press. SPEKTA screening combines the best features of both conventional and stochastic screening, and thereby achieves 300 lpi quality under 150 lpi printing conditions. The PlateRite 4300 broadens an already formidable thermal CtP lineup. Screen now offers five CtP products in the PlateRite range; the PlateRite 4300; the B2 PlateRite 4000II; the B1 PlateRite 8000; the new B3-to-B1 PlateRite 8000II, and the high-speed PlateRite 8600. Shipments of the PlateRite 4300 are scheduled to commence in June 2002.