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Screen Re-defines Large format CtP Market with PlateRite Ultima

Press release from the issuing company

IPEX, Birmingham, UK – Dainippon Screen Mfg. Co., Ltd. (Screen) announces at IPEX a remarkable new large, multi-format platesetter - the PlateRite Ultima - that is set to re-define the large format computer-to-plate (CtP) market. The PlateRite Ultima is a multi-format thermal platesetter featuring twin exposure heads that not only allows the output of 16 and 32 page plates faster than anything currently on the market, but can also image two 8-page plates simultaneously. Large-format printers with 16 and 32 page presses require a CtP device offering a flexible range of plate support, high productivity and automatic plate handling. The PlateRite Ultima offers all of these plus more. The PlateRite Ultima can handle an extremely wide range of different plate formats, from 2 page (500 mm x 370 mm) to 32 page (2,382 mm x 1,270 mm). This will benefit those printers having not only large format presses, but also having the somewhat more conventional 4 and 8-page size presses as well. The most remarkable feature of this new CtP device is the dual head which allows for the simultaneous exposure of two 8-page format plates – or smaller. This makes the PlateRite Ultima a must for those printers with 8-page presses who are looking for high-capacity plate production. Not only is the PlateRite Ultima the most advanced and flexible CtP system for large format and multi-format plate production, but it also utilises the most advanced imaging technology available today. For several years Screen has been working together with Silicon Light Machines of Sunnyvale, California, to pioneer the development of GLV (Grating Light Valve) technology for high power thermal CtP applications. Based upon Micro Electromechanical Systems “MEMS” architecture, a GLV consists of a parallel row of minute reflective ribbons, that can be moved up and down, to either reflect or diffract light falling upon them. By using this most advanced technology, Screen has developed a fast and efficient multi-channel thermal imaging head to match the requirements of this high productivity large format platesetter. The PlateRite Ultima features the same in-line punching system as used on other models in the PlateRite series, and can be fitted with an optional single or multi-cassette plate autoloader. The single and multi-cassette plate autoloaders have the same features as those used on other models of the PlateRite series, but have an additional feature of being able to load and unload two 8-page format plates (or smaller) simultaneously. A special “L” shaped conveyer has been designed to transport the plates directly to the plate processor. This unique CtP device does not fit into standard plate format categories that are commonly defined by the industry, and will appeal to a much wider market than the relatively small segment of the large format printer. The PlateRite Ultima is due for release at the end of 2002.