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Ultimate Announces New Trapping on OS X with Aqua interface.

Press release from the issuing company

At IPEX Exhibition - Birmingham, UK, Ultimate Technographics will be introducing a new trapping application running carbon on OS X: XTrap. Ultimate is the first company to offer trapping at desktop publishing prices. Stand-alone trapping software or in-RIP trapping solutions have traditionally cost many thousand of dollars. XTrap is only $750. USD. Trapping tool for designers XTrap makes it possible and affordable for graphic designers to overcome the limitations of trapping in Quark and other applications to trap the entire page with all embedded elements and see it on the screen or proof before sending the job for printing. With XTrap there are no surprises on the trapping when the job is printed and often too late to modify. Trapping tool for small printers XTrap makes trapping affordable for small printers who cannot cost justify expensive workflow systems with built in trapping. For large printers, XTrap is a cost effective way to supplement their workflow systems and not over burden them with extra trapping time. This is a real issue for in-RIP systems when there is heavy flow of trapping needs. Ultimate’s new auto-trapping software was developed for OS X Carbon with an Aqua user interface. XTrap is a batch trapping and Hot Folder driven application. Base on the Jaws Rip from Global Graphics, XTrap produces quality trapping in an automated workflow. XTrap can trap up to 16 inks per page in a PDF or PostScript workflow. It traps metallics and varnishes, and employs a pixel-by-pixel interpretation to determine trapping conditions. XTrap automation for digital printing XTrap works in a Hot Folder workflow scenario. The user can preset a page trapping or a plate trapping workflow where the files are trapped automatically. The user simply prints separated files from Quark or any PostScript application to the XTrap Hot Folder. Once the trapping is completed, the XTrap Hot Folder automatically sends the file to a proofer or the digital press. This Hot Folder Automation makes it possible to queue several files to the trapping station with no operator intervention. No need to drag and drop files from one application to the next or to drag and drop files from the last application into the queuing system. This saves time and reduces errors by streamlining and automating the workflow for a variety of situations. XTrap accepts EPS, PostScript and PDF files generated by Mac, PC and UNIX applications, it will trap files with True Type Fonts with no problems. IMPress OS X will be available for the market end of June. The complete IMPress and XTrap OS X workflow will be available as a special bundle price: IMPressX + XTrap will be offer for $2200usd. About Ultimate Technographics Inc. Ultimate Technographics Inc. invented digital imposition just over a decade ago with Impostrip. Ultimate is a leading PDF and PostScript workflow provider for the printing industry with technology leading applications: Impostrip, IMPress, Trapeze and Full Plate. The company services its product line and distributes software in several languages through OEM distribution channels and dealers. Ultimate also licenses its technology to OEMs.