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Xerox: Pricing for iGen3 Starts at $510,000 - with Creo Spire $540,000

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Market Strategy and Support Structure Outlined BIRMINGHAM, England--April 9, 2002--Xerox Corporation today revealed pricing, outlined customer support plans and began to take reservation orders for its DocuColor iGen3 Digital Production Press. With list prices starting at $510,000, the DocuColor iGen3 provides unparalleled speed, productivity, image quality and paper-handling capabilities. Customers can choose between service alternatives and pricing plans depending on their business needs and preferences. The DocuColor iGen3 prints with the traditional look and feel of offset. It runs at 100 pages per minute and will produce 6,000 full-color 8 1/2" x 11" impressions per hour - almost 50 percent faster than competitive products. Xerox will launch the DocuColor iGen3 in key markets in Europe and North America later this year. Customer engagement and testing for the product are under way. "Our initial focus is to maximize the success and satisfaction of our customers while helping them build print volume and generate revenue and profit," said Frank Steenburgh, senior vice president and general manager, Xerox DocuColor iGen3 Business. For maximum flexibility, the DocuColor iGen3 will be available with a choice of two controllers: the Xerox DocuSP controller and the Creo Spire Color Server. The DocuColor iGen3 with a DocuSP controller starts at a list price of $510,000. This configuration is designed to support customers who need a common workflow in their printing operations to support both color and monochrome printing. It provides compatibility and consistency across Xerox's DocuTech, DocuPrint and DocuColor production printing systems. The DocuColor iGen3 with a Creo Spire Color Server starts at a list price of $540,000. This configuration is designed for advanced color management and variable information printing required in commercial environments. Xerox also introduced SmartPress Services, a comprehensive program that combines tailored customer service with support options designed to help drive revenue growth for DocuColor iGen3 customers. A key element to SmartPress Services is the SmartPress Production Consultant, a Xerox-provided expert who will work on-site at customer locations to provide volume-building support. Smart Press Production Consultants will serve as part of a team of Xerox color production specialists available to analyze the workflow in commercial print environments and work with owners to determine the best mix of product, service and support. These specialists receive rigorous training and are selected based on extensive graphic arts experience. They will be provided at no cost for the first two months for early DocuColor iGen3 installs. Their services also can be extended on a fee-based contract. Xerox is further strengthening its global sales coverage and customer relationships with dedicated DocuColor iGen3 sales executives, all of whom are experienced in color and workflow processes. Customers will also have access to the expertise of a highly responsive global technical service team. Remote diagnostic capabilities and 24/7 hotline support will be provided. In addition, Xerox is offering a range of services to maximize customer efficiency, productivity and competitive standing. These services include: sales and marketing workshops for targeting new business in digital and variable information printing; application design, development and implementation; variable information consulting services; network connectivity; and customized training. The DocuColor iGen3 was developed with both the environment and the operator in mind. The digital production press uses non-toxic dry inks and generates no hazardous waste, meeting government requirements for ozone, chemical and electro-magnetic emissions and noise. Many of the iGen3's replaceable units are designed for reuse or recycling. Xerox has developed plans to return, reuse or recycle 80 percent of the waste generated by the machine -- including consumables, packaging, replacement parts and the equipment at the end of its life. Three DocuColor iGen3 presses will be printing live at IPEX, the most important European printing trade show in two years. The Xerox space is the largest at the show at 6,500 square meters. In addition to the DocuColor iGen3, about 40 other pieces of Xerox equipment are featured, including Xerox DocuColor, DocuTech and DocuPrint printers.