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Muller Martini: Little Yellow Notes Can Mean Big Profits for Printers

Press release from the issuing company

Hauppauge, New York - They’re known as Post-its, Sticky notes, or Add-ons, but printers and binderies in the know will soon be calling them profit generators, thanks to a new informational campaign by Muller Martini. "We want all of our customers to be aware that Add-on notes represent a significant opportunity to add value to their saddle stitched jobs," says Roger Bilodeau, Vice President of Sales for Muller Martini Corp. "And when you provide more value for your customers, your profits increase accordingly." A recent study by Roper Starch Worldwide supports the postpress expert’s assertion, finding that the addition of a Post-it note increases the chances of an ad getting noticed by 78%, while increasing reader recognition by 39 percent. "As amazing as those statistics are, increasing the effectiveness of magazine ads is only one way Add-on notes make print more appealing to and more powerful for marketers," Bilodeau adds. "Think of a note flagging a special sale item in a catalog, or pointing out a product mentioned in a news article, or adding a personal message in the heart of a corporate brochure. The list of applications for this exciting medium is endless." To make the application of sticky notes a profitable procedure for printers and binderies, Muller Martini has developed an Add-on Kit that equips the company’s Model 315 Card Gluer to handle the Post-it notes. The device automates what had been a manual process, applying the sticky notes in-line as an integral part of the saddle stitching process. "No extra manpower is needed and the speed and performance of the saddle stitching system is not affected in any way," notes Bilodeau. "That makes this enhancement very affordable for the print buyer and highly profitable for the printer and the bindery." The Add-on Kit accommodates note sizes from 2" X 3" to 6" X 3", giving marketers a range of Post-it formats from which to choose. The notes can be applied virtually in any position within the margins of a page. "This is the kind of application that makes print more effective than electronic media," Bilodeau declares. "These notes are truly interactive. Readers can pull them off and re-stick them to their shopping lists, refrigerator doors or computer screens. Once they’re applied, they serve as a reminder and a call to action and keep the advertiser’s name in front of the customer." The Add-on Kit and the Card Gluer can be ordered as options on several of Muller Martini’s most popular saddle stitching systems. They can also be retrofitted on specific models. "Add-on notes give the printer or bindery that can apply them an extra edge in the marketplace," Bilodeau says. "They provide a way for a facility to differentiate itself from the clutter of competition out there, and that means a lot in today’s competitive environment." For more information on the Muller Martini Add-on Kit call 888 2-MULLER.