Arcar Graphics Showcases ARCURE 860 UV ink System at Labelexpo

Press release from the issuing company

ANN ARBOR, MI (September 13, 2002) -- Arcar Graphics, a division of Flint Ink North America's Packaging Group, is showcasing its new ARCURE 860 UV ink at Labelexpo Americas 2002. ARCURE 860 inks are a high-strength, fast-curing UV letterpress system that enables narrow web converters to use less ink, increase production efficiencies, reduce waste and improve inventory management. New ARCURE 860 inks are one of several energy curable narrow web ink systems introduced by Arcar Graphics in the Flint Ink booth #817. The new multi-purpose UV letterpress ink system creates high-resolution images on paper, film and foil labels. A state-of-the-art resin and photoinitiator chemistry eliminates the need for additives. This formulation creates an "always press ready"ink system to minimize makereadies and further accelerate printing efficiencies. ARCURE 860 ink systems are ideal for pharmaceutical, personal care, and general consumer labels. "The addition of new ARCURE 860 UV letterpress ink system to the Arcar product line offers printers a comprehensive selection of energy curable inks,"states Mike Harjung, vice president and general manager, Arcar Graphics. "When a UV letterpress ink system is needed, ARCURE 860 ink's versatility, curability and ease-of-use make it the preferred energy curable ink system." The new UV letterpress ink system delivers high gloss without overprinting, and provides excellent inter-station trapping. In addition, the environmentally-friendly system is low odor and has no VOC's. ARCURE 860 ink systems are available in all Pantone base colors.