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Fulfillment Services The Next Killer Application for On Demand Printing

Press release from the issuing company

(Norwell, MA) July 16, 2002... A recently published white paper from CAP Ventures singles out fulfillment services as the next “killer application” for print on demand. The print provider that can offer an efficient package of print and distribution services, Web-based ordering/e-commerce, online document management, and variable printing will become a valued partner to enterprise customers. CAP Ventures’ white paper argues that as average print run lengths decline and the demand for variable data printing and one-to-one communications continues to climb, print service providers will need to re-examine the print supply chain and rethink the entire process to ensure maximum value for the customer and maximum revenues per customer. Digital fulfillment services provide a prime opportunity for service providers to expand their businesses into a growth area, and to lock in customers through the provision of these value-added services. “Print buyers are looking for fewer suppliers that can offer a wider range of products and services,” commented Holly Muscolino, Director of CAP Ventures’ Production Workflow Solutions Consulting Service. “The print service provider has a unique opportunity in this environment to expand his portfolio of products and services to meet this wider range of customer needs, while growing the top line of his business. CAP Ventures’ white paper is entitled Fulfillment Services: The Print On Demand Killer Application. It reviews and defines fulfillment services, particularly as they relate to digital and on-demand printing. In addition, it cites best practices and offers advice for service providers hoping to expand their presence within the entire print supply chain. The white paper and its accompanying case studies will help print service providers: * Understand the market opportunity for fulfillment services   * Identify the business model that makes most sense   * Uncover customers and prospects with needs for fulfillment services   * Connect with resources via vendor partners, trade shows, industry associations, trade publications, and the Web to assist in the decision process   * Understand and learn from best practices of industry leaders who have successfully combined on-demand printing and fulfillment services. The complete white paper is available immediately to clients of CAP Ventures’ Production Workflow Solutions Consulting Service. To learn more about the study or to make a purchase, please contact Allison Hadley at 781-871-9000, ext. 208 or [email protected] CAP Ventures’ Production Workflow Solutions Consulting Service offers service providers and technology providers the news, analysis, research, and consulting they need to develop effective production workflow solutions and leverage those solutions to deliver value-added print and print-related services to the market. CAP Ventures is a strategic consulting firm for providers and users of business communication technologies and services. We deliver key research, analysis, forecasting, benchmarking, and strategy recommendations to make a competitive difference in our clients’ businesses. Additional information about CAP Ventures is available on the Web at www.capv.com.