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Creo Launches Next Chapter in Networked Graphic Production at GraphExpo

Press release from the issuing company

VANCOUVER, BC, CANADA -- August 29, 2002 -- Creo Inc. will present the latest prepress solutions that expand Networked Graphic Production at Graph Expo 2002 from October 6-9 in Chicago. Networked Graphic Production is the Creo initiative for integrated, collaborative production environments that streamline printing cycles, shorten cycle times, minimize errors on press-and now, provide increased visibility into the efficiency of prepress. MIS Connection Released.. Creo will release Synapse(r) Link software for the automatic exchange of prepress production data between database-driven print production systems and management information systems, such as Hagen/OA(tm) from Printcafe. This new development increases the visibility into prepress for printers and allows them to achieve new levels of business efficiency and productivity. Synapse Link software tracks activities such as alteration requests, prepress material usage, machine time and other valuable information to enable a printer to see where costs are occurring. This will lead to more accurate and detailed invoicing, as well as better inventory management. Synapse Link software is based on the JMF (Job Message Format) open standard, which provides tremendous flexibility as it allows printers to leverage their existing systems. Implementing JDF from Preps... Creo will also demonstrate the ability of its innovative Prinergy(r) workflow management system to accept and process JDF imposition data from ScenicSoft(r) Preps(r) software, the industry's leading page imposition software for offset printing. This development allows standard format data to be exchanged from Preps into a Networked Graphic Production environment from Creo, increasing the printer's visibility into prepress operations. Creo recently announced its intention to acquire ScenicSoft, a development that will enhance the working relationship of the software teams. There are many benefits to standardizing on a single format such as JDF, for the import and export of all information in a prepress environment. A standard format ensures data is carried throughout the process and recognized by other systems. JDF carries all the imposition data that incorporates customer information, and data from postpress systems such as folding and cutting. JDF is already a standard for exchanging information between Creo workflow systems. The Prinergy workflow management system and Synapse(r) Prepare software also use JDF-compliant data to exchange information between systems, and to integrate third-party vendor technologies. "Creo is committed to providing more open, modular workflow solutions and prepress management components, such as with Preps," says Barry Quart, Creo vice president, workflow product management and solutions. "This will allow printers to connect their existing systems with Creo and to benefit from Networked Graphic Production. We will continue to incorporate data formats and communication interfaces based on standard industry formats such as JDF, PJTF, PDF and XML." New Creo Trapper Technology... Creo will demonstrate a powerful trapping technology that its software development team has developed for use with the Prinergy(r) workflow management system. With improved ease-of-use, this completely compatible solution will also be available for Brisque(tm) workflow users. Showcase of Veris... Creo will showcase the new Veris(tm) proofing system with true symmetrical resolution of 1500 x 1500 dpi and enlarged gamut to set a new standard for production proofing. The Veris proofer uses a new Creo technology -- Multi-Drop Array(tm) imaging heads -- to produce high-quality, consistent imaging with a precisely formed and placed stream of ink drops. The calibrated, color-managed workflow process is monitored to ensure that each proof is produced after proper calibration and with the correct ICC profile, ink and media. A Creo Certified Process stamp is printed on the proof to assure the press operator and print buyer that the correct process has been used. Efficient and swift, Veris is up to five times faster than other inkjet proofers operating at high-quality settings and can automatically produce 40 proofs with unattended operation. iQsmart Scanners... The iQsmart(tm) color scanner will be available soon for the Windows(r) operating system, in addition to Macintosh(r) OS. The iQsmart3 scanner features true optical resolution up to 5500 dpi from edge to edge. XY Stitch scanning technology assures consistent quality through sharper imaging. Up to 96 35mm slides can be scanned at one time and the iQsmart3 model produces up to 40 scans per hour. The scanners' compact size allows for an inverted CCD that is uniquely positioned to minimize dust and improve image quality. The iQsmart scans any type of original with high-quality results. Join Creo at Graph Expo 2002 and see all the new solutions at booth #3803 in Chicago. For more information, visit www.creo.com.