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Fujifilm Distinctly Achieves New Idealliance Master Elite Level ISO/PAS 15339 Certification

Press release from the issuing company

Fujifilm J Press 720S 4-Color Inkjet Press shows off its giant color gamut and demonstrates consistent capability to print to specified color spaces with extraordinary color tolerance control.

Alexandria, Va. – Idealliance, a global thought leader in the graphic communications industry and a non-profit organization with 11 strategically located offices around the world, announces that the Fujifilm J Press 720S has been certified with Master Elite Level ISO/PAS 15339 Certification designation. Idealliance ISO/PAS 15339 Certification is an element of the Idealliance Digital Press Certification for digital printing press manufacturers, allowing OEMs to certify and demonstrate press aptitude capability as it relates to capability to print to specified color spaces and color tolerance control.

By achieving the highest level of the Idealliance Digital Press and Master Elite Level of Idealliance ISO/PAS 15339 Certification, Fujifilm clearly demonstrated not only its capability to print to the largest color gamut, Universal Extra Large CRPC 7, within CIEDE2000 tolerances as specified in CGATS TR 016-2014, but also its capability to hold color consistently.

“The Fujifilm J Press 720S was the World’s 1st sheetfed inkjet press and the 1st company and press to achieve Idealliance Digital Press Certification (Inkjet) and now Idealliance ISO/PAS 15339 Certification. What is extraordinary is the J Press 720S is a 4-color inkjet press and the color gamut this press is able to achieve is simply remarkable. Looking at the results of the massive color gamut this press produces as it compares to CRPC_6 and CRPC_7 is mind blowing. This certification is another great benchmark for Fujifilm in the industry,” said Timothy Baechle, Idealliance Vice President. “Buyers can see for themselves through both data and their own eyes that this press fills both short-run and long-run work in commercial printing and packaging. We congratulate Fujifilm and their staff on another outstanding technical achievement in the industry. The ability to achieve ISO/PAS 15339 Certification Master Elite, the highest level, with a 4-color press is both extraordinary and extremely notable.”

“In addition to previously attaining Idealliance's Inkjet High Speed, Cut Sheet & Web Digital Press Certification, we are pleased the J Press 720S has achieved the Master Elite Level ISO/PAS 15339 Certification,” said Peter Pretzer, ColorPath Solutions Development Manager, FUJIFILM North America Corporation, Graphic Systems Division. “The J Press 720S, a CMYK device, excels in color accuracy, uniformity across the printed sheet, and repeatability in a print run. It’s truly an honor for Idealliance to recognize the J Press 720S for its aptitude of hitting specified color spaces and its ability to hold color tolerance.”

According to Fujifilm: About the J Press 720S

The world of commercial printing is about to change. Radically, Disruptively. Big time. Enter Fujifilm’s J Press 720S. The world’s first sheetfed inkjet press.

The J Press 720S brings together Fujifilm’s knowledge, expertise, and R&D efforts to give printers the quality, versatility, productivity, and efficiency they demand.

Fujifilm’s J Press 720S establishes an entirely new product category: the high-quality, sheetfed inkjet press. The J Press 720S offers a half-size solution for print runs of just one or thousands, where traditional offset and digital printing are failing to perform and provides a superior solution for the fastest-growing segment of the market where the majority of print jobs reside and where the opportunities will be in the future.

Fujifilm's J Press 720S is revolutionizing the graphic communications industry. With a 29.5" x 20.9" sheet and an output of 2,700 sheets per hour, it's the perfect solution for printers looking for a product that has the quality and robustness of an offset press as well as the versatility to handle even the shortest of press runs.

Unprecedented quality
The J Press 720S produces bleed free high-quality images at resolutions of up to 1,200 x 1,200 dpi with four levels of grayscale, achieving unmatched repeatability from sheet to sheet.

Unprecedented productivity
The device prints a 20" x 29" sheet in a single pass, resulting in production speeds of 2,700 sheets per hour, with printed sheets emerging dry to the touch. This moves the breakpoint for the cost effectiveness of inkjet printing further into the traditional litho area.

Unprecedented flexibility
Fitting easily into a standard pressroom, the Fujifilm J Press 720S uses standard coated and uncoated stock instead of specialized digital paper. The standard stock, once imaged, can be treated like offset stock and simply dropped into existing finishing equipment.

Unprecedented production efficiency
The J Press 720S provides streamlined printing, with no plate production required and no need to run up to color; make-ready times and the associated waste are a thing of the past.

Unprecedented environmental performance
Not only does the J Press 720S remove the need for a number of pressroom solutions used on a typical offset press, but we estimate that the carbon footprint of the J Press 720S - compared to an equivalent half-sized, sheetfed press - is significantly reduced.

About Idealliance Digital Press Certification Programs

Newly added to the Idealliance Digital Press Certification Program, the Idealliance ISO/PAS 15339 Certification allows OEMs to demonstrate the capability of their presses to print to a variety of color spaces specified by the Characterized Reference Printing Conditions of ISO/PAS 15339. The program comprises two tiers—CRPC 1-6 and CRPC 1-6 Plus 7—and four aptitude levels: Master Elite, Advanced Elite, Intermediate Elite, and Satisfactory Elite.

Idealliance is the largest certifying body in the world and is recognized globally as an industry think tank; a developer of specifications and standards, certifications and training and research; and the intersection of innovation, education, and validation. Idealliance has programs that cross many sectors of the industry and serve all those who participate in the global graphic communications industry.

Idealliance ISO/PAS 15339 also has a number of ISO and CGATS Standards associated with it. Color measurement and data analysis are derived from specifications, either wholly or in part, found in the following standards:

  • CGATS 21:2013 Graphic Technology – Printing digital data across multiple technologies;
  • ISO 3664:2009 Graphic Technology and Photography – Viewing conditions;
  • ISO 12642-2:2015 Graphic Technology (IT8.7/4) – Input data for characterization of 4-color process printing – Part 2: Expanded dataset;
  • ISO 12647-7:2016 Graphic Technology – Process control for the production of halftone color separations, proof and production prints – Part 7: Proofing processes working directly from digital data;
  • ISO 13655:2017 Graphic Technology – Spectral measurement and colorimetric computation for graphic arts images;
  • ISO/PAS 15339 Graphic technology — Printing from digital data across multiple technologies: Part 1: Principles; Part 2: Characterized reference printing conditions, CRPC1–CRPC7.

For more information on the Idealliance ISO/PAS 15339 Certification click here: https://www.idealliance.org/certification/isopas15339-system-certification or please contact Timothy Baechle at (703) 837-1069 ([email protected]), or Jordan Gorski at (703) 837-1096 ([email protected]).


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