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Printable Announces New Printable Manager Release

Press release from the issuing company

New Software Provides Revolutionary Ease-of-Use in Creation and Administration of Print e-Commerce Catalogs and Sites CHICAGO, IL, May 16, 2002 – Printable Technologies, Inc. (www.printable.com), the leading online software provider for the graphic arts industry, announces the release of Printable Manager, an exciting new application that brings revolutionary ease-of-use to the process of creating and managing on-line e-commerce and catalog sites. In announcing the release of Printable Manager, Chuck Gehman, executive vice president and CTO of Printable, stressed the company’s self-service theme. "We’ve created a platform in Printable 5.0 that is very intuitive and easy to use. We wanted to make sure that it was just as easy for our printer customers to create and maintain their customer e-business enabled sites." The result is Printable Manager, which sets a new standard in performance and ease of use for the industry. The new applications include bulk loading and editing for large catalog creation as well as a WYSIWYG Catalog Editor for individual item changes. Users can now create and activate variable template items and impositions quickly and easily. Even more exciting, printers now have the ability to delegate some administrative tasks to their own corporate customers with new, dynamic role-based administration. Unique in the industry, Printable 5.0 offers an end-to-end solution that provides printing companies with everything needed to deliver robust, branded online services to their own customers. The platform incorporates capabilities to handle custom RFQ-driven ordering, as well as the industry’s most sophisticated and flexible media-catalog-based ordering, featuring custom-print, inventory picks and print-on-demand capabilities. Printable Manager also introduces close integration with Microsoft Office products, allowing templates and databases to be viewed and edited using, at the user's discretion, either a web browser (employing sophisticated XML technologies) or the popular Microsoft applications. The new software provides a high degree of scalability, supporting virtually unlimited catalog items and users, making the system ideal for large corporate and institutional environments. A state-of-the-art user interface featuring XML Style Sheets makes the product high-performance, reliable and easy to use. "Printable 5.0 introduced a new generation of printing e-commerce and set the standard against which all other systems are compared," said Gehman. "Now, with the release of Printable Manager, we’re extending the platform further out to our customer base to enable them to customize and enhance the system to degrees that we hadn’t even imagined at the outset. And like Printable 5.0, Printable Manager will continue to be enhanced with more features added over the course of the next 12 months, keeping us far ahead of the competition."