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Mail-Well Unveils Magic New Technology for Direct Mail Advertisers

Press release from the issuing company

NEW YORK, June 17 - Mail-Well, Inc today introduced the advertising industry's first invisible interactive direct mail technology that "magically" reveals hidden messages, images or graphics on an envelope when activated by the recipient. Mail-Well unveiled its new envelope technology today at Direct Marketing Days 37th Annual Marketing Conference & Exposition at the Javits Convention Center in New York City. The Rub 'n Reveal technology is being marketed to the $47 billion direct mail industry with the specific goal of boosting customer response rates. It is available exclusively from Mail-Well Envelope, a division of Mail-Well, Inc., and the world's largest envelope producer, which manufactures over 100 million envelopes a day in over 40 plants across North America. "Incorporating Rub 'n Reveal technology onto direct mail envelopes will open new doors for more advertisers, including many of our existing customers who typically mail tens of millions of direct mail pieces annually," said Bob Hart, CEO of Mail-Well Envelope. "For large direct mailers like credit card issuers, magazine and book publishers, and banks and other financial service companies, an incremental increase in response rates equates to huge revenue gains." Mail-Well's Rub 'n Reveal direct mail advertising technology can be applied to virtually any envelope. It allows advertisers to "hide" a message, image or graphic on the outside of the envelope and challenge recipients to participate in finding the message to use in conjunction with material inside the envelope. This is significant because industry statistics show that response rates and sales dramatically increase when a recipient spends time interacting with a response device associated with a direct mail offer. "If a person invests just a few seconds to perform an interactive task on the envelope itself, research shows that he or she is more likely to open the envelope and review the contents," said Hart. "When used creatively, we think our Rub 'n Reveal direct mail technology hands direct mail advertisers a new way to interact with customers, increase response rates and drive up sales. We believe this will provide a shot in the arm for the direct advertising industry." The Rub 'n Reveal direct mail technology can be seen at booth 640 at DMD New York Conference & Expo, which is at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center through June 19th.