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PerfectPattern Launches sPrint One EasyApps for Optimization of Printing Sheets

Press release from the issuing company

MUNICH, GERMANY – Printing houses can now increase efficiency and improve quality significantly using PerfectPattern’s Web-based EasyApps. The apps employ the company´s powerful algorithms to calculate the optimal layouts of gang forms for entire job pools in seconds. These make up the powerful sPrint One engine, which also used in sPrint One, the most modern solution for dynamic sheet optimization and print planning. Billing is based on usage, but thanks to a temporary introductory offer, the apps are now available free of charge. PerfectPattern will explain the benefits and usage of the apps in a webinar on 26. October.

The sPrint One EasyApps from PerfectPattern calculate cost-optimized gang forms for large format and offset printing in seconds.  

Every printing company is familiar with the time-consuming and complex calculation of printing a multitude of different jobs with maximum efficiency. Without suitable software, executing this process with the necessary speed and precision is virtually impossible.

EasyApps calculate optimal gang forms in seconds

PerfectPattern’s small, specialized web apps for calculating cost-optimized gang forms in large-format and offset printing accomplish in seconds what would typically take hours of manual work. The EasyApps currently calculate jobs with variable sheet heights and section lengths, as well as jobs in 4- and 8-color offset printing. Additional apps will be available at a later stage.

The apps are accessible through PerfectPattern’s EasyApp portal on the web. After registration, users can import the data from their print jobs in a .csv format (e.g. from Microsoft Excel), with the help of a convenient assistant. The calculation can be started as soon as the setup data is specified.

EasyApps help to exploit efficiency potential

“Many print houses are investing heavily in printing presses, but most of them do not carefully exploit the potential of their existing machinery,” says Robert Meissner, one of PerfectPattern’s two managing directors. “With our EasyApps, they now can optimize the production of their print jobs. They maximize the capacity utilization of their presses, minimize setup processes, and decisively lower material waste and production costs.”

Compatible with common workflow systems

A comprehensive EasyApps report indicates the amount of material required and the size of the sheets. The sheet layouts for the entire job pool and the total costs for material and printing are also shown. Each calculation results in a JDF file that contains all of the necessary information, which can be transferred to familiar workflow systems (Prinergy, Apogee, Fuji, KIM and others).

Billing based on usage

Billing of the optimization of the print jobs is based on usage. However, as part of the introduction of the first EasyApps, the apps can be used free of charge until 31. October 2017.

EasyApps are based on established technology

EasyApps are based on the same powerful algorithms that PerfectPattern developed for its flagship product sPrint One, the world's most advanced solution for dynamic ganging, sheet optimization and print planning.

While the EasyApps focus on optimizing sheet layouts, sPrint One combines sheet optimization and capacity planning in one solution. During the fully automated planning of the print jobs, all influencing factors, as well as the complexity of their relationships — including printing machine, material, color, costs, deadlines and much more — are taken into account in sPrint One. The solution decides which jobs are collected and when and determines which machine they are printed on. Free capacities are filled with suggestions.



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