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Trendwatch: Commercial Printers Not Prepared to Offer Variable Data Printing

Press release from the issuing company

NEW YORK, NY -- MAY 8, 2002 -- TrendWatch Graphic Arts today released an update to its 2001 report, calling the new report, "Variable Data Printing: Where Are We in 2002?" TrendWatch Graphic Arts (TWGA) reports at least 98% of the digital printers worldwide are not prepared to deliver complex variable data applications. Variable printing offers marketers more personalized and targeted communication vehicles, which reportedly generate responses 10-times greater than traditional blanketing offerings. The report was made available today for downloading in PDF format. For more information, please visit the TWGA website (www.trendwatchgraphicarts.com). "There are more than 50,000 digital presses worldwide capable of printing variable data," noted Vince Naselli, Director, TrendWatch Graphic Arts. "Yet, recent experts estimates place the total number of commercial printing companies capable of producing complex variable data applications at only 500 to 1000 worldwide [1% to 2%]. The need/demand is apparent to any qualified marketer. Yet our most recent research indicates that only 11% of the commercial printers view variable data as a sales opportunity. The good news is that this number rose from 4% in '2000." This freshly updated report looks at the state of the variable data printing market today, including use levels and software and hardware offerings. Yet the real value of this report is in addressing three critical issues: 1. Who should offer variable data printing; 2. Who they should sell it to (the answer may surprise you); 3. What applications actually make printers and their clients profits. The report also examines the market's ability to handle and manipulate databases, internal customer dynamics and the availability of customer databases. It looks at the practical side of standards such as PPML, as well as the marketplace's awareness and comfort levels for variable data applications. According to the report... -- In Fall 2001, 29% of digital printers saw variable data as a top sales opportunity; -- A higher percentage of respondents saw variable data as a sales opportunity on color copiers than on digital presses (5% to 4%); -- Currently, 5% of creative professionals see variable data printing as a top sales opportunity for their businesses. This rises to 7% among corporate designers. Availability... "Variable Data Printing: Where Are We in 2002?" is available for purchase by visiting the secure TWGA eStore online at www.trendwatchgraphicarts.com or by phone at (866) 873-6310. The price for the report is $1295. TrendWatch Graphic Arts eStore customers can download this report in PDF Acrobat format immediately after purchase. Special Pricing... There will be a special 50% discount for TrendWatch GA customers who purchased the Variable Data Printing report last year. If you are one of those subscribers, contact TWGA to receive this discount before purchasing the report. About TrendWatch Graphic Arts... TrendWatch Graphic Arts specializes in the assessment of trends and changes in graphic communications markets by providing timely and strategic information, hard-hitting market analysis and concise expert opinion. The reports have earned the reputation for containing the most reliable and timely industry intelligence in the graphic arts and graphic design marketplaces. TrendWatch Graphic Arts can be reached on the web at http://www.trendwatchgraphicarts.com/index.html, via email ([email protected]) or toll-free at 866-873-6310.