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Oce Delivers High Speed 2/2 Digital Color For Convergent Applications

Press release from the issuing company

NEW YORK -- APRIL 23, 2002 -- Oce Printing Systems USA, a leader in digital document management and delivery technology, brings the market greater capabilities for high speed, two-over-two color output. The Oce PageStream 210 Twin system supports duplex, simplex and highlight color printing, allowing operations to satisfy convergent applications requiring color. The ability to handle convergent workflow is critical to remaining competitive in an increasingly diverse market and taking advantage of new revenue opportunities. "Convergence is creating the need to support a wider range of applications with existing digital printing equipment and processes, and Oce is committed to meeting this need. The versatility of the Oce PageStream 210 Twin lets customers capture new convergence opportunities immediately, while at the same time giving them resources for the future," said Carl Joachim, vice president of marketing for Oce Printing Systems USA. "The ability to produce two-over-two highlight color for PostScript, IPDS and other environments also puts the Oce PageStream 210 Twin in a unique position to serve the convergence needs of the printing marketplace." The Oce heavy duty, multifunctional PageStream 210 Twin lets print operations greatly expand their services with just one resource, and the just-in-time output helps reduce inventory, decrease risk and lower order fulfillment costs. With less budget allocated to warehousing and stock, companies can achieve bigger profit margins and improved cash flow. Improved order turnaround time and wider choice of output improve customer service. Many Features in Just One System The full-featured Oce PageStream 210 Twin system gives users many options including duplex or simplex output, highlight color, and 240, 300 or 600 dpi resolution. The two-engine Twin system can be configured as two devices, with each doing duplex or simplex highlight color, and one can running 18" wide, two-up applications. The system also provides flexibility to print black and red highlight color on one printer, for example, and black and blue on the other engine. Versatile finishing capabilities support a wide range of applications and market opportunities, with online and offline options that include stitching and stapling. The twin engines can be configured individually as two simplex printers, each capable of duplex black or simplex black and highlight color for added flexibility. The extensive front-end support available through the open PRISMA document management and delivery architecture and from partner products help users create high-impact color documents and manage complex workflow automatically in a variety of platforms. Printing at 210 impressions per minute and with a duty cycle of more than five million impressions per month, the web-fed Oce PageStream 210 Twin digital printer is capable of fast, two-over-two highlight color output in a variety of environments, including PostScript. The unique split Quick Change Developer Station (QCDS) lets users create duplex documents with black and a different highlight color on each side for true two-over-two color. The exclusive Oce QCDS makes it simple to switch colors with one easy change out. Through the QCDS, the Oce PageStream 210 Twin will support exclusive Oce CustomTone toner, which allows color matching for logos and other highlight color images and graphics for customers who need specific color output for branding, corporate standards or other design requirements. Architecture Independence Enables Easy Convergence The new system is ideal for production publishing, transactional data printing and convergent applications that require high performance, the impact of color, PostScript compatibility and platform flexibility. At On Demand, Oce will introduce the Oce PageStream 210 Twin running a 401k statement in a PostScript environment, but the printer can handle a number of data streams including LCDS, PCL, TIFF, IPDS, ASCII and PDF. Users can produce the exact same application across a range of data streams and output devices without modification. Convergence requirements to take applications from a mainframe or transaction data center into POD environments using PostScript-driven engines are also satisfied. The Oce PageStream 210 Twin achieves full Xerox LCDS compatibility through PRISMA LCDS. This allows users of Xerox LCDS cut-sheet devices to easily replace old equipment with faster, more functional web-fed printers and add color capabilities without changes to existing workflow. The Oce PageStream 210 Twin requires less manual intervention for loading and troubleshooting than cut sheet devices. In Booth 1300 at the ON DEMAND show, GMC PrintNet software will be used to create and compose a variable data PostScript application for production on the Oce PageStream 210 Twin, with data-driven graphics created on the fly and PRISMAproduction POD automation driving the system. The combination of sophisticated document composition software and fast, flexible Oce highlight color systems lets companies generate customized information for direct mail, policies, manuals and other documents.