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Oce Multi-Vendor Solutions Put Customers On Convergence Fast Track

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Drive Profit Today While Preparing for Tomorrow NEW YORK -- April 30, 2002 -- Oce Printing Systems USA, a leader in digital document management and delivery technology, continues to enhance its strong line up of solutions to help commercial printers, transactional data centers and other publishing operations maximize profitability and productivity in convergent multi-vendor document environments. At the ON DEMAND show in New York City this week, Oce's theme of "Destination Convergence - Profit Today, Be Prepared for Tomorrow" illustrates a long term commitment to helping customers achieve their goals. In Booth 1300 at ON DEMAND, Oce offers live demonstrations of multi-vendor capabilities driving applications without modification to various devices and environments. As a result, customers save time and money, reduce errors, and maximize resource efficiency. "Convergence is creating the need to support a wider range of applications without adding dedicated resources. Oce solutions provide customers the unique ability to use electronic input from any vendor on any platform for seamless digital workflow," said Carl Joachim, vice president of marketing for Oce Printing Systems USA. "Oce is committed to helping customers attain all the benefits convergence brings to digital printing, including greater productivity, reduced cost and time savings, and increased revenue." Customers Benefit From Fast, 2/2 Highlight Color At ON DEMAND, Oce brings the market high speed, two-over-two color output and other capabilities from one printer. The Oce PageStream 210 Twin system supports duplex, simplex and highlight color printing, allowing operations to satisfy convergent applications without investing in multiple systems. GMC PrintNet software will be used to create and compose a variable data PostScript application for production on the Oce PageStream 210 Twin, with data-driven graphics created on the fly and PRISMAproduction driving the system. The combination of sophisticated document composition software and fast, flexible Oce systems let companies generate customized information for direct mail, policies, manuals and other documents. Oce at Forefront of Digital Book Manufacturing Combining two printers in one, the Oce DemandStream 8090cx delivers flexible capabilities users need to handle more applications from a single platform, with the speed required for tight print windows and the output quality needed for graphics-intensive documents. Benefits include greater job economics, higher operational efficiency, better use of resources, reduced overhead and redundancy, better capacity management, and simpler consumables. The versatility of the Oce DemandStream 8090cx for convergent applications is evident in Booth 1300 at ON DEMAND. An inline perfect bound booklet, "The Top 10 Guide to New York City", and a sample from an actual Quebecor World application will show how digital book manufacturing capabilities are fully realized with Oce solutions. Applications from Elixir Technologies and GMC Software Technologies demonstrate the ability to handle a variety of output requirements through the same printer, including variable data, booklets, PostScript and inline and offline finishing. Oce Finishing Choices Maximize Flexibility In the live document environment of the Oce booth at ON DEMAND, visitors can see how operations driven by convergence maximize productivity through smart use of finishing tools. A new offline version of the award-winning DigiStitcher saddle stitcher joins other advanced finishing tools like the AmigoDigital Binder from Muller Martini to provide Oce customers with more output flexibility. At ON DEMAND, jobs printed on the Oce DemandStream 8090cx will go directly to Hunkeler paper handling equipment and the AmigoDigital inline perfect binding system to illustrate streamlined workflow. Other output will be held in offset stacks for the offline Oce DigiStitcher to simulate work ready for "second shift" handling. Typical 8.5"x11" booklet applications will be printed on the Oce DemandStream 8090cx system from 11"x17" web-fed stock, then finished using the offline DigiStitcher. The ability to manage workflow in this way ensures users get maximum productivity from the Oce DemandStream 8090cx, while accommodating a variety of job opportunities. Oce PRISMA Architecture Drives Multi-Vendor Environments At ON DEMAND, Oce highlights enhancements to its industry-leading PRISMA document management and delivery architecture to help customers manage their entire document workflow across convergent and multi-vendor environments. Oce PRISMA architecture automatically handles the host of data streams encountered by digital print operations, and the "Open Systems Expressway" in the PRISMA Solutions Area at ON DEMAND highlights these capabilities, as well as new enhancements to the architecture. PRISMA plays a key role as Oce simulates a real-life print production environment at ON DEMAND to easily accommodate Xerox data streams in multi-vendor operating environments. PRISMAproduction POD, showcases various data stream capabilities and drives all printers in the booth, sending the same application to various devices and environments without modification. Powerful Make Ready Capabilities for Multi-Vendor Environments Now generally available, Oce DocSetter software is an advanced tool for scanning hardcopy documents into digital printing workflow with quality-enhancing make-ready capabilities like image sizing, cropping and editing. It also gives customers a powerful alternative to DigiPath without changes to existing applications. Customers gain increased functionality within existing workflow, including color support, greater system compatibility and more file types. At ON DEMAND, Oce DocSetter is used to enhance images in several applications and data streams to show the versatility and openness of Oce solutions. At the show, DocSetter brings make-ready capabilities to DemandStream 8090cx, PageStream 210 Twin and Oce midrange systems using PostScript and PDF data streams. Bridging DigiPath Workflow to Oce Functionality Oce demonstrations reinforce the open platform that Oce solutions provide enabling seamless workflow in convergent environments. Oce DPconnect software provides a direct print path from existing Digipath workflow to Oce PRISMA architecture, giving operations the flexibility to route the same workflow to Oce or DocuTech printers to make the best use of available resources. Printing operations can deliver the broadest range of services, protect existing investments, and avoid expensive and time-consuming rewriting of applications. In the Oce booth, visitors can observe DPconnect compatibility with Xerox Digipath workflow to increase choices for digital output and give DigiPath users easy access to the range of Oce printer performance. New High-End Scanning Capabilities Combined with Oce DocSetter make-ready software, the Oce ScanStation 650 helps remove limits on digital workflow opportunities with new high-end scanning capabilities. Documents are scanned with maximum quality and speed, auto-cleaned, auto-deskewed, edited and reproduced with accurate registration. The ScanStation 650 will be introduced to the commercial and corporate printing market at ON DEMAND, where a standalone configuration of the Oce ScanStation with Oce DocSetter software will scan and make ready an archived book. The demonstration illustrates the increased flexibility operations gain for bringing analog materials into their digital printing workflow. Greater Productivity and Flexibility with Clustered Color Systems Oce brings greater flexibility and productivity to both production and office environments through a broad array of cost-effective clustering solutions, including color and midrange systems. When applications require short run color and black & white production, Oce CPS700 Color Production System and the Oce DPS400 Digital Printing System deliver high quality output for personalized jobs and on demand applications requiring color, black & white or both outputs. Oce demonstrates these high-quality systems as clustered solutions at ON DEMAND to show how users can improve productivity and increase revenue opportunities. The DPS400 will be clustered with the Oce CPS700 systems in the booth via the Oce Doc Works Exec server to streamline the process of document and job management. The clustered systems deliver unbeatable performance and horsepower to handle deadline-driven applications while ensuring consistent output across machines and applications. Clustered Midrange Devices for Production and Office Applications The Oce 750 printer-only system and the Oce 3275 printer/scanner/copier offer high-speed performance as both clustered and individual midrange systems. At ON DEMAND, Oce will run several applications on clustered Oce 750 systems to demonstrate the total flexibility of the devices for production and office applications, even in multi-vendor environments. Oce DPConnect will take Xerox DigiPath data streams directly to the Oce 750 without modification for an inline saddle-stitched black and white annual report and a white paper with color cover inserts. The clustered systems will also showcase various finishing capabilities. Oce TrueProof electronic proofing is included as a quality control step. TrueProof helps printing operations achieve greatly profitability through reduced costs per piece and more efficient prepress workflow. TrueProof is now generally available to the marketplace and also now supports all PDLs from one configuration. Strategic Partnerships Enable Multi-Vendor Versatility In an example of Oce's multi-vendor versatility, at ON DEMAND, GMC PrintNet software is driving a document to an Oce CPS700 full color printer, while Elixir software is handling the same application for multiple channel delivery via HTML, email or PDF. Using GMC PrintNet, the same variable data application with data-driven pie chart graphics is being produced on both the Oce PageStream 210 Twin printer and the Oce CPS700 system without modification. Elixir technology is also being used to create a full color, personalized, duplexed marketing piece, featuring bar coding for tracking. The demonstrations show how seamlessly Oce print systems work in multi-vendor environments, allowing customers to direct output to a variety of printers and delivery channels, including electronic delivery, without reworking existing applications.