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Gentle and quiet: new preform processing option from KHS 

Press release from the issuing company


Dortmund – Less noise, improved quality: KHS Corpoplast GmbH has developed a new system for preform processing. With the InnoPET Silent TipTainer PET preforms are fed to the sorting unit especially gently. This results in a considerable reduction in the amount of noise around the tilter. 

“With the Silent TipTainer we’re achieving a much lower preform rejection rate than has been the case to date,” explains Alexander Heller, technical project manager and developer for preform conveying systems at KHS Corpoplast. The reason for this is that the drop height of the PET preforms into the tipper has been greatly reduced. Where the rejection rate was previously at 3%, just 0.25 to 0.3% of all preforms are now damaged during tilting or by bumping into one another as they fall.  The lower drop height and smooth tipping in stages not only mean that preforms are handled more gently and that there are fewer breakages on the necks; the adapted tipping process also results in perceptibly lower noise levels. KHS measurements record a maximum of 80 dB(A). The closed system also ensures that values of up to 110 dB(A) are no longer standard. By reducing the amount of noise pollution occupational safety is improved further for operators working near the tipper. Best product quality is obtained by filling the optimized box tilter silo unit by up to two preform loads. At a higher preform density damage can be caused by the preforms falling onto one another. In the compact and hygienic Silent TipTainer the risk of contamination by dust or other foreign matter is reduced to a minimum. 

Retrofits on existing lines possible

The system is not just installable on new lines; it can also be retrofitted in existing and older plant engineering. All that the customer’s individual setup may require is a suitable software update. 

The Silent TipTainer is also flexible in its operation; the elevator can be connected inline or on both sides of the Silent TipTainer and operated from the right or left. At Gerolsteiner Brunnen GmbH & Co. KG the system has already been in operation for six months where the low preform rejection rate is especially appreciated. “Converting from the conventional box tilter to the Silent TipTainer reduces the number of rejections on downstream control units and upholds our high demand for quality while lowering rejection rates,” states Dieter Kuhl, head of Non-returnables Production at the mineral water bottling plant in Gerolstein, Germany. In addition, known flaws on the neck, which can lead to a loss of CO2 among other problems, have also been reduced. 

Turnkey supplier for water bottlers

Gerolsteiner also invested in other KHS systems for highly efficient mineral water bottling in 2016. This move has enabled the company to increase its product reliability in the production of PET containers with the help of a preform dedusting unit devised by KHS, for example. By cleaning its PET preforms the water bottler has cut costs and also improved quality in the production process. Any foreign bodies are gently and reliably removed by the upstream dedusting unit prior to the stretch blow molding process. It is compactly integrated into the machine layout. Both the preform dedusting unit and the Silent TipTainer are just two useful system additions in the KHS portfolio. The systems supplier provides compact mineral water bottling equipment with a number of extra options which – also thanks to its global service team – is in operation on all markets of the world. 



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