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MGI Meteor Unlimited Colors and SEDI Provide Variable Data Foiling (VDF) for French Government Agencies

Press release from the issuing company

World’s first production-level digital printing & foiling press adds stylish decoration and expanded color gamut to official public documents

MELBOURNE, FL, USA – In the scenic, ancient Southern French town of Uzes, near Nimes, there are many remnants of Roman and medieval architecture still visible today. However, amidst the stones and walls of thousand year old aqueducts and churches, there is also a dramatic story of a traditional family printing business taking a quantum leap into the future with the new MGI Meteor Unlimited Colors digital printing and Variable Data Foiling (VDF) solution.

Government Focus Equals Business Success

The SEDI Group was founded in 1946 and CEO Roland Bervillé, whose father Claude started the firm, is currently leading the firm to new heights of printing excellence. Since the beginning, the SEDI Group always specialized in the provision of printed material for local French community government operations. The SEDI Group has more than 170 employees in the various operations of the group and generates approximately $27 million in annual revenue. In a remarkable success story, SEDI now provides printing services to more than 80% of the municipalities in France.
To build upon those achievements and implement a growth strategy for the future, Mr. Bervillé and his management team undertook a strategic operational review of new printing technologies available on the market in 2016. The research that resulted from this study led them to purchase an MGI Meteor Unlimited Colors digital printing & variable foiling press.

Digital Foiling Applications & Expanded Color Technology 

SEDI is now able to produce output with a virtually unlimited number of colors via the blending of CMYK toner and the reflective qualities of foil film – including a rainbow spectrum of hues with metallic, glitter and holographic effects.
The analysis conducted by SEDI’s management team revealed an increasingly strong demand from local community governments for personalized documents with postpress foil embellishment. The various official applications includes: informational booklets, property titles, certificates, licenses, diplomas, stationary and honorary public announcements.
The growing need of municipal organizations and civic agencies to meet the public need for small, customized print runs and personalized individual document versions meant that traditional methods of producing high-quality foil output either would not work at all or would be too expensive and time-consuming.

Improved Taxpayer Documents & Services

Mr. Bervillé, explained: "The phenomenon of using digital variable data for printing has reached into local government departments and community agencies. When a newlywed couple receives a signed marriage certificate and civic family guide from the hands of their Mayor, they want their official documents to be memorable souvenirs and keepsake heirlooms for their children. Printing their names in gold foil letters with the Meteor Unlimited Colors solution from MGI helps to achieve this.”
“We find citizens are genuinely appreciative of the special treatment and personalized consideration they receive from City Halls using MGI-enhanced foil output. This helps create sentimental value for meaningful public materials and creates a good memory for the family about both the special occasion and their community. This helps the public image of the town as a rewarding place to live. There are many other examples of how variable foil and personalized print enhancement can add luster and quality to official government documents and public communications.”

A Meteoric Journey of Printing Success

With the help of local MGI dealer, RS Distribution, SEDI became the first printer in the world to implement the Meteor Unlimited Colors solution in early 2016. SEDI Group has been a loyal customer of MGI for many years and counts several Meteor digital presses in its machine inventory. The multi-substrate application diversity of MGI presses is a critical factor in the firm’s continued growth. SEDI keeps their Meteor machines busy around the clock on multiple shifts each week. A classic example of Meteor workhorse power and durability is the printing of stationary, letterhead and envelopes for elected officials and government offices.
Mr. Bervillé concluded, "The MGI solution has allowed us to expand our service options as a market leader, distinguish our company from the competition and generate substantial new revenue opportunities. Furthermore, it has helped our government clients offer more taxpayer document value to their communities and enhanced both the awareness and appreciation of their public services.”
“The traditional method of foil stamping with engraved dies is very expensive and time-consuming with no possibility of personalization. MGI’s Meteor Unlimited Colors solution is the first and only digital printing process available that fully incorporates foiling with variable data, expanded color options, job versioning and complete customization. We can produce a beautiful official document in a run of one or ten thousand in a single day.”


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