MediaBin Adds Collaboration Tools for Enterprise Digital Asset Management

Press release from the issuing company

ATLANTA- May 23, 2002--MediaBin Inc. today announced the release of two products that extend the capabilities of the MediaBin Asset Manager brand asset management system: MediaBin WorkPlace and MediaBin Cluster Manager. MediaBin WorkPlace is a collaboration software module that provides a "virtual space" where dispersed teams can collaborate on marketing projects, review images and other collateral without downloading them, set up automated routing for approval, and conduct surveys. Team members are notified by email when their participation is required. They are then able to view content directly through MediaBin Asset Manager, avoiding the need to email or download large files. This also eliminates the need to purchase extra copies of graphics production software for managers who simply need to view files for approval. "MediaBin WorkPlace is a process-centric capability which, along with MediaBin Deployment Agent, considerably enhances the underlying functionality of the core repository," said Geoffrey Bock, Senior Analyst and Consultant with the Patricia Seybold Group. "It's this type of enterprise-wide content management capability we will see on the Internet in the months and years ahead." MediaBin Cluster Manager enables corporations to link multiple MediaBin servers for increased capacity and reliability. Users see only one central repository, but processing tasks are divided among available servers, providing load balancing. The system also provides automatic failover; if one server becomes inoperable, the other servers fill the gap, so there is no system downtime. As organizations grow, additional servers can easily be added to the cluster. SuperColor, an imaging company based in Los Angeles and serving the entertainment industry, has licensed MediaBin software to manage graphics for its many movie and television studio clients. The company has recently purchased MediaBin WorkPlace and MediaBin Cluster Manager. "MediaBin WorkPlace will let us integrate our customers even more closely into our workflow," said Ally Chang, sales and marketing manager of ivia network 3.0, an online collaboration application developed by SuperColor. "We anticipate that it will help set us apart from our competition, shorten project timeframes, and ensure 100% customer satisfaction." Added Doug Powell, business development director of ivia network, "With over 1.5 terabytes of image data online, we demand high reliability of our server infrastructure, so MediaBin's new clustering capability was essential for us." "Digital Asset Management systems are becoming an essential part of the corporate IT infrastructure, but they have to be robust, fast to deploy and yet easy to use," said Chris Lynn, vice president of marketing programs for MediaBin Inc. "According to a study of marketing executives we recently commissioned, the number one problem in deploying new campaigns was the routing and approval process, but nobody liked solutions that forced them into rigid workflows. MediaBinWorkPlace is completely flexible and disarmingly simple to use. When you add clustering, you have an enterprise-scalable system that meets the needs of even a demanding professional imaging company like SuperColor." A MediaBin Asset Manager license is required to initiate MediaBin WorkPlace sessions, but team members do not need to have MediaBin software to view and approve content. They need only a browser and a login. For more information on MediaBin software, visit http://www.info.mediabin.com or call 800.437.2285.