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Rampage Digital creates Quantone processing and DigiGravure

Press release from the issuing company

Gravure-like process brings high quality and high speed to production inkjet

Brooklyn, NY - Rampage Digital, Inc. announces the pre-Drupa launch of its new multi-level digital screening and calibration systems.  Named for its unique use of quantized tone levels, Quantone™ processing is based on the patented screening and calibration system from ScaleAbilities LLC described six months ago.  ScaleAbilities LLC has authorized Rampage Digital to be the exclusive distributor of Quantone™ processing.

Quantized + Tones = “Quantone™”

The results for photographic images are much closer to continuous tone.  Quantone™ processing also includes an integrated enhancement of fine text and artwork which can result  in artwork quality greater than offset litho.  Tests show up to a 4x improvement. Quantone™ 1200 dpi surpasses 4800 dpi bi-level when both photos and fine text are present.  This leap in print quality is similar to gravure printing, which also harnesses pixel tone depth.  Whereas Rotogravure varies physical engraving depths and has lower spatial resolution, Quantone™ processing is all digital with no resolution limitations.  The resulting prints are being referred to as DigiGravure™.

Digital + Gravure = “DigiGravure™”

DigiGravure™ printing is available for multi-level printers of all resolutions, from 300 to above 1200 dpi, and for any number of graylevels, not just powers of 2.

Quantone™ processing systems are in the form of a Blitzbox™, an add-on box to 3rd party DFEs, regardless of the particular rip or rip-less driver they employ.  

According to President and CEO Joe Berg, with extensive experience of the business copier industry, this technology has significance for a wide range of products.  It provides photographic quality and beyond, while at the same time simplifying calibration, increasing speed, and reducing artifacts.

Rampage Digital CTO Mitch Bogart, former VP of R&D of Rampage Systems, Inc, explains that calibration and screening are inextricably intertwined.  There are major pitfalls if calibration is done either wholly before or wholly after screening.  Quantone™ instead embraces this inter-dependance and is thus a combined screening and calibration solution. 

A key advantage of the ScaleAbilities system is that the implementations scale efficiently.  

Extremely low cost single SoC (System on a Chip) Blitzbox implementations for desktop printers are underway.  

At the other end of the spectrum,  a Blitzbox for a digital press using multiple state-of-the-art GPU accelerator boards offers speed matched by no one!   A Blitzbox with four GPU boards creates and transmits screened data at a sustained rate of over 8 Gigapixels per second (4 separations).   8 Gps CMYK is faster than any known printer, including those announced but not yet shipping. It corresponds to 1200x1200 dpi screening of 30”x40” sheets (8-up) at a rate of 16,600 sheets per hour!

Joe and Mitch see the world of digital printing as evolving to multi-level. This is evidenced by the increased emergence of multigrey inkjet print heads and multi-level LED print bars.  They predict that ultimately the majority of digital printing will be multi-level. Their goal is for  Rampage Digital software and/or hardware to help printer manufacturers at all levels with this transition.

The system has already achieved excellent early results for direct-to-garment printing. 

Textile printing is generally regarded as calibration-critical because of large inherent dot gains.  Quantone™ processing produces a 200% or more increase in the number of available printable tone levels after screening eliminating all tone banding.

Printer manufacturers wishing to arrange for Quantone™ processed print samples should contact Joe directly at: [email protected]


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