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Review of Bidding Process Available

Press release from the issuing company

Chambersburg, PA - June 1, 2004- Increasing the competitive bidding among buyer chosen and pre-qualified suppliers produces measurable, hard-dollar cost savings and can provide more opportunities to the printing industry, according to a new study by the e-LYNXX Corporation. The study utilizes bidding results from almost $900 million of awarded print jobs to display a parallel trend of increasing cost savings as competition is enhanced in a buyer-controlled environment. "During the past decade, buyers have moved toward decreasing the number of suppliers they use because of staffing reductions within procurement departments," according to e-LYNXX Vice President Doug Harbach.  "This made sense at the time, but today new technology tools permit supplier managers to easily communicate and track the performance of a larger vendor base, thereby garnering the increased savings inherent to competition." Harbach says the study shows that utilizing these tools permit a smaller staff to take advantage of the increased competition achieved by a larger supplier base and pays dividends to not only the buying organization, but to the printing industry. "Our study utilized the results on bidding for more than 130,000 jobs, some with only 3 bidders and others up to 10 bidders, and clearly displays an increased savings with the growth in competition.  While this is an obvious financial win for the buyer organization," Harbach explains, "opening up competition also allows more printers to get needed work, a necessity in an industry where profit margins average less than 3% and equipment downtime has been a factor in the closing of many print operations." For a copy of the study, titled "Controlled Competitive Environment for Bidding on Print Jobs Produces Measurable Savings", contact Doug Harbach at [email protected] or call 888-876-5432.