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MAN Roland advances color management & inking technology on its sheetfed presses

Press release from the issuing company

May 25, 2004 -- MAN Roland has made managing color and setting ink zones on its sheetfed presses a more exact science and an easier task with the introduction of its new ColorPilot systems at drupa. Consisting of a color bar reader and integrated software that translates the device’s findings into press ink fountain adjustments, ColorPilot is available in three levels: - ColorPilot Smart is reserved for the ROLAND 200 line of 29” presses, and is optional on the ROLAND 300. - ColorPilot is available for the 300, 500, 700 and 900 press lines. - ColorPilot Plus is an enhanced version of the system and brings added productivity benefits to perfecting presses. In operation, ColorPilot analyzes a sheet’s color control bars in a single fast pass. For example, it requires only 14 seconds to read the bars on a 41” sheet. To ensure the precision and consistency of its evaluation, ColorPilot takes eight readings per millimeter. The resulting density values appear on a control monitor and can be used to automatically set the press’ ink fountains. To accelerate makeready momentum, ColorPilot corrects all ink key settings in under four seconds. Depending upon the job at hand, ColorPilot’s findings alternatively can be used as a basis for manual color adjustment, utilizing the remote ink zone controls on the press command center’s color matching desk. ColorPilot also gives printers the option to capture colorimetry data as well as density values on jobs where color is particularly critical. That empowers MAN Roland presses with the ability to read colors similar to the way the human eye perceives them for more precise matching. Adding to the functionality of the system is the optional ColorPilot Plus. It has the ability to read color control bars placed virtually anywhere on the press sheet. That makes it an attractive productivity enhancement for perfecting work, where color bars are more productively placed in the center of the sheet. ColorPilot Plus is compatible for all new MAN Roland sheetfed lines, with the exception of the ROLAND 200. Available for the ROLAND 200 and as an option on the ROLAND 300, ColorPilot Smart is a more economical version of MAN Roland’s new color management and inking system. Designed as an entry-level solution, the device can measure up to four colors on a print control strip. ColorPilot Smart can also be deployed off-line to read color control strips printed on presses from other manufacturers. Working in that mode, the device can set the benchmark for quality control in multi-vendor pressrooms. In such a configuration, press ink zone settings would be keyed by the pressman rather than occurring automatically. ColorPilot is incorporated into MAN Roland’s new color matching desks introduced at drupa. Additional details can be obtained at www.manroland.com or at 1.800.268.4673.