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XMPie and NexPress agree on joint marketing and sales activities

Press release from the issuing company

New York, NY, May 17, 2004— XMPie, a leading provider of software applications and platforms for dynamic (one-to-one) publishing, and NexPress Solutions, Inc., a Kodak company, today announced that both companies will begin joint sales and marketing activities to drive growth of variable data printing. The cooperation will bring XMPie’s PersonalEffect to NexPress customers, offering them a leading dynamic publishing solution that takes advantage of the open ANSI standard PPML/VDX that the NexPress 2100 variable data workflow is based on. PersonalEffect supports any output on the Digimaster through PostScript and PDF output as well. In addition, NexPress owners can now offer their customers true one-to-one, cross-media marketing solutions at much better ROI, faster cycle time, and better overall results. “We are excited at the opportunities that our relationship with XMPie will bring to our customers,” said Chris Bondy, Director of Print Solutions and Services for NexPress. “In addition, NexPress 2100 users can further leverage their investments by providing their customers with a powerful, advanced, VDX-based solution for one-to-one and cross-media publishing.” XMPie’s PPML/VDX certification is the most recent step in the two company’s relationship that includes joint customer installations—Butler & Tanner in the U.K.and Yoffi Digital Press in the U.S., for examples. In addition, both companies plan joint sales activities through reference sales or distributor relationships such as the one already in place in Japan. "We are excited about the inclusion of XMPie PersonalEffect in the NexPress Solutions portfolio, and we see this as a significant opportunity of expanding our relevant market," said Dan Doron, VP Business Development of XMPie. "with XMPie PersonalEffect, NexPress 2100 owners will be able to provide their customers with superb quality personalized print solution, streamlined workflow with creative agencies, and expand their reach into sophisticated dynamic publishing".