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SMART Papers New Kromekote Candy Collection

Press release from the issuing company

HAMILTON, Ohio--May 17, 2004-- SMART Papers today unveiled the Kromekote Candy Collection, the largest-ever expansion of its flagship, ultra-premium, cast-coated printing paper line. The wide-ranging Kromekote Candy Collection introduces new deep colors, foils, metallics and pearls. They join ultra-glossy Kromekote Glass, with 30% post-consumer waste fibers, as well as Textures, Tuffkote and Folding Board. A new swatchbook displays the papers and also features high-impact print demonstrations. Together with Kromekote's extensive selection of icy blue-whites, SMART Papers now offers more than 165 stocked, ready-to-ship Kromekote items for designers, printers and packaging developers/manufacturers. "With the launch of the Kromekote Candy Collection, our Kromekote family receives the most ambitious expansion yet in its 75-year history," said Tim Needham, President and CEO of SMART Papers. "Kromekote keeps getting better -- and remains unrivaled as the finest coated printing paper in the world." Among many examples he points to: Kromekote Glass, the only ultra-premium coated paper to feature 30% post-consumer waste fibers. It represents a new global environmental standard for coated printing papers set by SMART Papers in March 2004. "For the first time, designers and their clients can have dramatic printed collateral on environmentally-friendly coated papers without compromising quality," Needham said. "Kromekote Candy is eye candy for the creative mind," added SMART Papers Director of Marketing Tom Kleimeyer. "Designers who've previewed Candy tell us it inspires them -- and their work." He said the triple cast-coated Kromekote line is highly differentiated from today's typical offering of mass-produced, machine-coated printing papers. Kromekote is manufactured by time-tested methods and to strict modern specifications that maintain its world-class press performance. The Kromekote Candy Collection swatchbook was created by the respected St. Louis design firm, Kuhlmann Leavitt, Inc., which also worked closely with SMART Papers on the development of the product line. "The driving logic behind Kromekote Candy was to create a family of papers rich with versatility and relevance," said owner Deanna Kuhlmann-Leavitt. "It has a very usable, sophisticated palette of saturated, vibrant colors that designers can turn to regularly for a variety of clients and industries. Its Textures options, four in all, are unequalled in the world of premium coated papers." Kuhlmann-Leavitt said the collection offers designers extraordinary value "because the paper brings something to the table before a dot of ink is ever applied -- generating savings on typical pre- and post-press costs for designers and their clients."